Charles Barkley Career Earnings Quadruple Following $100-200 Million NBAonTNT Contract

Achyuth Jayagopal
|Published 17/10/2022

Charles Barkley may not ace “Who does he play for” every time, but he sure is being rewarded for his punditry with BIG money.

Charles Barkley has been the face of NBA punditry since the beginning of the millennium. The Chuckster has been a popular figure in NBA analysis and TNT’s NBA coverage ever since.

The quartet of Chuck, Shaq, Kenny, and Ernie have become part and parcel of the NBA viewership experience. Naturally, with Chuck hinting at retirement or a move to LIV golf, there was some concern regarding the short and long-term future of the program.

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Barkley still had three years left on his deal with Turner Sports. Beyond that, uncertainty remained. Until today. Reports have emerged, suggesting that Chuck and Turner Sports have reached a long-term agreement.

The deal is set to make Charles Barkley one of the highest-earning pundits in the world of entertainment.

What is the period and value of the extension touted to be signed by Charles Barkley?

If reports are to be believed, Chuck is set to earn around $20 million a year for a period of 10 years. This would mark a considerable improvement on his current $10 million-a-year deal.

Barkley is currently estimated to be worth $50 million. The new contract will push his bank balance to $200 million in ten years.

While the exact figures are unavailable as of now, this marks a considerable development in Barkley’s career as an analyst. With Shaquille O’Neal already on a long-term contract, the NBA’s favorite duo is here to stay.

The deal is also expected to help Barkley add to his portfolio with Round Mound Media. Round Mound Media is Chuck’s production house and they are expected to be involved with Turner Sports and Warner Bros. Discovery in the production of various projects.

While not as lucrative as the rumored Liv Golf deal, this is still a considerable payday for Barkley. “Still can’t buy him a championship” could be Shaq’s taunt with a new NBA season commencing shortly.

What does this mean for Inside the NBA?

Charles Barkley’s extension would mean that the current Inside the NBA team is unlikely to change for another few years. Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith have also been tied down by the network giants.

As wise souls put it, some things are best left untouched. The quartet has been ever-present and is immensely popular within the NBA community.

Until one of the quartet decides to retire, we may see the team win hearts for a considerable time. Races, three-point contests – bring them all on. We’re here for it!

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