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“D’Angelo Russell snitched on Swaggy P with Iggy Azalea over a jersey number!”: When the Lakers guards battled over Russell Westbrook’s current jersey no.

Jeet Pukhrambam

"D'Angelo Russell snitched on Swaggy P with Iggy Azalea over a jersey number!": When the Lakers guards battled over Russell Westbrook's current jersey no.

D’Angelo Russell and Swaggy P were locked in a battle for no.0 when they were in the Lakers. A battle that led to bickering and snitching.

It is no secret that the Lakers of the mid-2010s were a dysfunctional team. The team had very versatile players with large egos. These included guards the likes of D’Angelo Russell and Nick Young or Swaggy P as we know him.

The two are very talented guards and although Swaggy’s time in the NBA might be over, he was still a force to be reckoned with. D’Angelo on the other hand has been a starter for various teams, and as of last night, he was eliminated from the playoffs.

His performance during the Wolves and Grizzlies series was mediocre at best. He may need to improve as he gets older.

Today’s focus is, on a throwback, one where the two guards faced off against each other for the rights to a jersey no. The number in question, is Russell Westbrook’s current no, no.0.

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How losing no. 0 led D’Angelo Russell to snitch about Nick Young to Iggy Azalea

A rookie at the time, Russell always wore the no. 0. In Los Angeles, however, the number already belonged to a veteran, Nick Young.

Russell claimed that he wore no.0 cause nobody could guard him. So, Swaggy P challenged him to a 1v1 to claim the number. The rookie was in for a surprise when Young obliterated him.

While we do not know the actual scoreline, the Lakers publically tweeted out that D’angelo will wear no.1, signifying that the battle had been lost.

This may have led to D’angelo’s infamous ‘snitching’ incident, where he ratted out Swaggy to his then-girlfriend Iggy Azalea.

The pettiness is off the charts. D’Angelo’s loss today is a good time to look back at such a funny incident. We hope he bounces back next year.

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