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Dejounte Murray Fires Shots at Quin Snyder Whilst Disputing ‘Horrendous Perimeter Defender’ Tag

Tonoy Sengupta

Dejounte Murray Fires Shots at Quin Snyder Whilst Disputing ‘Horrendous Perimeter Defender’ Tag

Dejounte Murray is one of the stalwarts of the defensive style of plays in an offense-led league. However, he couldn’t quite show this during his time with the Atlanta Hawks. Unfortunately for him, this gave certain fans the fuel to hit out at him on social media. Not one to take it lying down, Murray hit right back at the fan recently, before going as far as to drag his former head coach into it.

It all started when a fan on X (formerly Twitter) responded rather strongly to an interview where Murray claimed that he values playing defense. To this, they replied, “Dejounte would probably still be a hawk if he wasn’t one of the most horrendous perimeter defenders in the league the last two year.”

As mentioned, the Hawks guard seems to have been in no mood to let this slide. So, he decided to come right back with a haymaker of his own. Holding nothing back in his now-deleted tweet, he said,

“Another casual that don’t watch hoops or really know what’s going on with his FAVORITE TEAM!! [laughing emoticon]. Ask your head coach [Quin Snyder] why when I begged him for me to guard the best players, I was told they wanna save my energy for scoring!!! Hahahaha [shrugging emoji]. You will see A MONSTER on defense 24-25 SZN”

Clearly, Murray was never too thrilled with the role he was given with the Atlanta Hawks. Or at the very least, he does not want to be blamed for it.

If everything the newly minted New Orleans Pelican is saying is true then, he should not be blamed for Quin Snyder’s decision. After all, it was his choice not to allow Murray to use his greatest asset – his defense. After all, Murray is one of just seven players in the last 30 seasons to have made an NBA All-Defensive Team as both a rookie and a sophomore.

Safe to say, all doesn’t seem well in the Hawks camp. With his promise to be a defensive “monster” in the end, Pelicans fans could be in for a grand spectacle from their brand-new star guard. As for the Hawks, there could be quite a bit of pain headed their way at the moment.

Post Edited By:Hitesh Nigam

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