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“Dennis Rodman lost $68,000 after Chuck Daly resigned”: Pistons star was livid at his ‘father figure’ leaving Detroit as he didn’t show up for training camp

Samir Mehdi

“Dennis Rodman lost $68,000 after Chuck Daly resigned”: Pistons star was livid at his ‘father figure’ leaving Detroit as he didn’t show up for training camp

Dennis Rodman was once fined $68,000 for missing the beginning of training camp after he realized that Chuck Daly had resigned. 

Dennis Rodman came into the NBA not having much during his childhood and his teenage years. So, upon getting drafted by the Detroit Pistons in 1986 and getting a steady income, Rodman felt as though he had made it. Even more enticing for him was the fact that the Pistons were exactly the type of team that he would mesh well with. 

Hard-nosed, dirty players who were actually skilled and didn’t just knock players around coupled with the ultimate know-how of each other’s roles was where Dennis Rodman found a home. The team was led by a man who wanted his players to follow such principles; Chuck Daly. 

‘The Worm’ grew incredibly close to guys like Joe Dumars and Isiah Thomas on the team and looked up to Daly as a father figure. In a tweet from 2014, Rodman even stated that Chuck Daly was one of the 4 father figures in his life. 

The two grew so close to one another that Dennis never thought about what would happen if he were to leaving coaching the Pistons behind.

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Dennis Rodman didn’t show up to training camp and was fined $68,000 for it. 

Chuck Daly resigned from the Pistons gig after a disappointing 1992 campaign. Many claim this event to be the one that led Dennis Rodman down an eccentric path. One of the first things that showed that Rodman wasn’t in the right head space was the fact that he didn’t show up to training camp for the 1992-92 season.

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This led to him being fined a whopping $68,000. This is a lot of money nowadays and it certainly was a lot more money 30 years ago. He would play 62 games that season after playing all 82 games the 4 seasons prior. This however, didn’t stop him from claiming his rebounding title by averaging 18.7 boards a game. 

Rodman would eventually find himself on the San Antonio Spurs where he wouldn’t mesh with David Robinson or Gregg Popovich, resulting a trade to the Bulls in 1995 that helped cement his legacy as a 5-time NBA champion. 

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Samir Mehdi


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