Cover Image for Dennis Rodman’s bu** spanking of a waitress in Las Vegas almost cost him $225,000

Dennis Rodman’s bu** spanking of a waitress in Las Vegas almost cost him $225,000

Achyuth Jayagopal
|Sun Jul 24 2022

Dennis Rodman and his eccentricities fill columns on a regular basis.

The former NBA Champion has taken retirement a bit too seriously. Instances of Rodman seemingly retiring from exercising his mental facilities too have surfaced every once in a while.

The former Chicago Bulls and Detroit Pistons defensive savant has had a rocky relationship with the law too.

Never the most pleasant persona, Rodman’s crazy side was evident from his playing days. Rodman embraced his recklessness and channeled it into excellent disruptive defense.

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However, it seems that not playing seems to have derailed The Worm’s facilities greatly. Dennis Rodman struggled with drugs, alcohol, and relationships post-retirement. The attention he commanded did not make it any easier.

Rodman saw himself at the receiving end of many a lawsuit, post-retirement. One of them was for sexually assaulting a waitress during a Hard Rock Cafe visit. The court ordered Dennis Rodman to pay damages to the tune of $225,000 to Sara Robinson, the waitress Rodman assaulted, in 2009.

In 2012, Sara Robinson took Dennis Rodman to court again.

Why did Sara Robinson sue Dennis Rodman in 2012?

For reasons unknown, Dennis Rodman defaulted in paying Sara Robinson her court-ordered damages. This, despite reportedly being a millionaire.

As a result, in 2012, Sara Robinson pressed the matter again. This time, her intention was to get a favorable order in Florida, which would be enforceable on Rodman. This was because Rodman was a resident of Florida, at the time.

Rodman had inappropriately slapped Robinson while she waited on him at a Hard Rock Cafe. This was the basis of the initial suit.

It is highly unfortunate that a generational talent like Rodman remains astray from the basketball world. If it weren’t for his volatile nature and reputation, teams would stack around Rodman to pick his brain.

Rodman’s struggles are well documented. His relationship with Kim Jong Un and his wild media appearances have been the highlights of a sad mental decline.

Dennis Rodman should not be someone who is remembered for all the noise off the court. His defensive ability earns him mention as an era transcending defensive talent.

However, sadly, the verdict on this ruling has already been granted.

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