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Despite A $194,300,000 Contract, Zion Williamson Set to Depart From Pelicans Days After Cheating Allegations By OF Model

Jeet Pukhrambam

Despite A $194,300,000 Contract, Zion Williamson Set to Depart From Pelicans Days After Cheating Allegations By OF Model

Zion Williamson is set to be the next domino to fall in this tumultuous NBA off-season. We are only one week into it! He is currently under contract for $194,300,000 with the Pelicans but he is under fire for a scandal. And given his proclivity to injury, the New Orleans Pelicans are looking like they want to part ways. He has also been linked to an Only Fans model and thanks to all the rumors, Bill Simmons claims Zion is on his way out.

The timing could not be worse for Zion. The NBA landscape is changing quickly. While some teams are looking to finagle into the draft to pick up prospects. While others are looking to trade and ramp up their roster. The Pelicans are looking to do both.

The name that has popped up recently is Zion Williamson. It looks like his time with NOLA is coming to an end.

Bill Simmons makes an astounding claim that Zion Williamson will be out of New Orleans by Thursday

So, what is momentous on Thursday? The 2023 NBA Draft, of course. And according to analyst Bill Simmons, Zion will be out of NOLA.

As per a lot of rumors, it is true. Zion is not being valued like he was long ago. And despite being an all-star last year, he played only 29 games. Patience is running out for New Orleans. They feel like they have invested too much time and with the swirl of rumors, they would be wise to cut bait.

The depth of talent available in this current NBA draft means that there is an opportunity at every turn. Pelicans want to be smart about it and try their run once more.

Simmons said on his podcast that his source has already reported that Zion won’t feature. And while he may be under a huge $194,300,000 contract, it would be hard for any suitors to take up a chance on him.

Zion is about to be a dad but it comes with a shadow he doesn’t want!

Zion must be thrilled to be a dad and while his celebrations might have gone on for long, it was quickly interrupted by an OnlyFans model.

Moriah Mills claimed that Zion had been sending her money and promised her a future only for someone else to swoop it away from her. In a fit of anger, she repeatedly tweeted about the incident exposing Williamson in the process.

Seeing the rumors surrounding the 2x All-Star and the swathe of accusations that follow him surrounding him, it looks as though NOLA surmised that moving on is the best course of action.

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