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Despite JJ Redick Claiming LeBron James Doesn’t Need ‘Luck’ to Win, Lakers Superstar’s Confession Says Otherwise

Prateek Singh

Despite JJ Redick Claiming LeBron James Doesn't Need 'Luck' to Win, Lakers Superstar's Confession Says Otherwise

LeBron James‘ illustrious career and legacy in the NBA is undoubtedly a product of hard work and discipline. However, the 39-year-old doesn’t mind giving due credit to the luck factor that often plays a part in every walk of life. On the recent episode of Mind the Game Pod with JJ Redick, the four-time NBA Champion addressed the role of ‘luck’ in the NBA playoffs.

LeBron didn’t hesitate to acknowledge that luck plays a major role in helping a player achieve his goals. However, his co-host seemed to believe that LeBron’s success was not a matter of luck. Responding to Redick praising him, James quipped about the importance of luck in winning titles, “I mean I was on the team. That’s the luck, right!” On a serious note, he said that luck often determines the outcome of a game or a series in the playoffs. LeBron used Kawhi Leonard’s 2017 incident as an example for his point.

In the Western Conference finals between the Spurs and the Warriors, Leonard was on a roll when Zaza Pachulia contested one of his shots and planted his foot in his landing area. The Spurs star was already playing with an injured ankle and one move by Pachulia took him out. LeBron also talked about the 2001 series between the Lakers and the Kings where the Kings were leading with two points. With less than five seconds left on the clock, the late, great Kobe Bryant missed a floater and, in their attempt to retrieve the ball, the Kings sent it to Robert Horry who was standing on the key.

Horry buried the shot, which LeBron thinks came from luck. He said that finding one of the best clutch players on the key right when you need it is a product of luck. The Lakers superstar believes that a key player being injured, fouled out, or just being out of touch is all a product of luck, which often becomes very helpful in the playoffs.

Former NBA star detailed his experience with luck

Former NBA star Sergey Karasev believes that being talented and hard working is not enough to leave a mark in the league. During his conversation with Euro Hoops, the Russian said that one needs luck to survive in the NBA. He found out about the harsh reality in 2013 when he moved to the US to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

He said, “In my first year, when I moved to Brooklyn, I got the chance I wanted. But in the NBA, you need luck. If you’re in the right team playing for the right coach, it makes no difference who you are.” Karasev said that it doesn’t matter who you are and where you are from, if you don’t have the luck factor by your side, every opportunity can turn out to be a missed opportunity.

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