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‘Did Ja Morant die?’- Truth behind the Grizzlies star’s death rumors

Saurav Sharma

Did Ja Morant die

Rumors of Ja Morant’s death have spread over the internet and have gained a significant amount of attention. Here we look at what really happened.

Ja Morant Death rumor

The internet is flooded with information about the death of NBA star player Ja Morant.

The information is just false as the Grizzlies star is healthy and alive. The source of the Morant’s rumor has no solid evidence and the details are missing like – the cause of death, place & time of death. In recent times the concept of fake news has evolved and is being used to propagate a certain ideology, believe, or just to get attention.

The Ja Morant case is similar, the source of the rumor is actually a ‘prank website’. And fans have jumped on the news and made it viral without checking the facts that govern it.

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The truth behind the Report

A Prank website named “channel45news” was the source of the news. The report was without a byline and major details were missing from the report. It only said that the 20-year-old has died of uncertain illness and this is sad for the Memphis Grizzlies.

At the end of the report, it was clearly written that ” You’ve been Pranked” but the news still gained a decent amount of attention around the globe. Here is Ja Morant’s latest Instagram post:

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lonely child. 🖤

A post shared by 12 (@jamorant) on

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Grizzlies competition for the NBA playoffs

The 6-Foot-3 Point guard has not responded to the rumors and is currently in Orlando preparing for the season restart.

Memphis Grizzlies is placed on No. 8 seed with 32 wins in 65 games in the Western Conference. They would be fighting with the Blazers, Pelicans, and the Kings for a place in the playoffs when the season restarts at Orlando, Florida.

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