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“Didn’t Deserve To Make An Airplane”: Klay Thompson Beats Up on Himself for His ‘Crappy Performance’ in Warriors Loss

Nithin Joseph

"Didn't Deserve To Make An Airplane": Klay Thompson Beats Up On Himself For His 'Crappy Performance' In Warriors Loss

The Golden State Warriors suffered a shocking loss at the hands of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Losing 110-118, the Dubs had an off night, and this was especially true for Klay Thompson. Following the game, Klay sat down and spoke to the media, where he lamented his poor performance.

He spoke about how badly he played and how he wasn’t even interested in making his signature paper plane. For years, Klay has been making paper airplanes and throwing them around post-game. He even made fun of Draymond Green a few days ago for his attempt, calling him a “terrible engineer”.

But, tonight, Thompson wasn’t interested whatsoever. His game ended with him having a stat line of 14 points, five rebounds, and an assist. What’s more, he was only 31% from the field, on five of 16 shooting. A terrible game by his standards, and understandable why he said he,

“Didn’t deserve to make an airplane after that crappy performance!”.

Everyone is entitled to having a bad game now and then. In this case, it was Klay’s turn. However, it is important to remember that we are just 10 games into the regular season. There are still 72 games left, and that’s plenty enough for Thompson to make good on this bad one.

Klay Thompson and the Warriors struggled after Draymond Green’s ejection

In the third quarter, despite being down 76-66, the Golden State Warriors looked ready for one of their famous runs. However, things went downhill after Draymond Green got ejected. Klay Thompson and the Dubs missed their primary defensive piece throughout the game and eventually ended up losing.

However, the loss wasn’t the thing on most people’s minds, it was the manner in which Green got ejected. Green was given a second technical in the third quarter for an elbow he had put on Donovan Mitchell a few plays earlier. A bizarre call, especially since you never really see someone be given a technical for something that took place a while ago.

This is what left Steve Kerr and even Kevon Looney puzzled, as they expressed just how baffling the reasoning was behind Green’s ejection.

After a hot start to the season, things have started to simmer down for the Warriors. Their current record is 6-4, which isn’t too bad. However, they will want to get back on form before losing becomes a habit.

Post Edited By:Hitesh Nigam

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