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“Do y’all realise how crazy LeBron James is playing even after turning 37??”: Kyle Kuzma and NBA Twitter cannot believe how little the Lakers superstar’s offensive output has dropped in his 19 year career

Arun Sharma

"Do y'all realise how crazy LeBron James is playing even after turning 37??": Kyle Kuzma and NBA Twitter cannot believe how little the Lakers superstar's offensive output has dropped in his 19 year career

LeBron James is by far the best player Los Angeles Lakers have had since Kobe Bryant – they should be thankful for him.

A 37 year old LeBron James is running circles around players who entered the league when he already was well into his NBA career. That man has had many nicknames, but LeBrongevity should be his latest. Logic defying performances at an age when he should be slowing down – the entire NBA fanbase knows they are witnessing greatness.

In the final game of the year against the Portland Trail Blazers, Bron decided to end the year by putting on a show. 25 points and 10 rebounds at halftime was an indicator of what he was gunning for. Totally dominating any offensive or defensive battle, LBJ had no problems brushing past the Blazers to score a season high 43 points. His valiant efforts resulted in a dominating 139-106 victory.

Currently on a 7+ game streak of scoring 30+ points a game, King James does not look like he wants to slow down. The only other player to score 40+ points after 19+ years in the league was Kobe Bryant – he scored 60 in his final game against the Utah Jazz. Averaging 28.0 points a game, he is currently the second highest scorer only behind Kevin Durant.

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LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers will hope this performance is a turning point in their season

Kyle Kuzma, LeBron’s former teammate took to twitter to express his disbelief at watching LBJ play at this level on a consistent basis.

Kuzma knows first hand how great this man really is. Having played with him for 3 seasons and winning one championship along side the 3rd highest scorer, Bron still continues to flabbergast everyone around him.

The craziest part about the performance was how efficient the man was. 0 turnovers, 61% fg in less than 30 minutes. That is an MVP level stat line, in whichever way you look at it.

A lot of of fans had their apprehensions about LeBron joining the Lakers – looks like they now embrace him completely as a Laker.

Whatever said and done, LeBron James is on a MVP level season, and without him, the Lakers would be nothing but a tanking team. They may have good players, but none of them are as great as King James. Appreciate the man before he’s gone, since there is no one else like him.

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Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma


Arun Sharma is an NBA Editor at The SportsRush. A double degree holder and a digital marketer by trade, Arun has always been a sports buff. He fell in love with the sport of basketball at a young age and has been a Lakers fan since 2006. What started as a Kobe Bryant obsession slowly turned into a lifelong connection with the purple and gold. Arun has been an ardent subscriber to the Mamba mentality and has shed tears for a celebrity death only once in his life. He believes January 26, 2020, was the turning point in the passage of time because Kobe was the glue holding things together. From just a Lakers bandwagoner to a basketball fanatic, Arun has spent 16 long years growing up along with the league. He thinks Stephen Curry has ruined basketball forever, and the mid-range game is a sight to behold. Sharma also has many opinions about football (not the American kind), F1, MotoGP, tennis, and cricket.

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