“Dog, they pay me to shoot the ball!”: Warriors legend Klay Thompson on why he never hesitates to let it fly

Kunal Das
|Published 23/08/2021

Festus Ezeli shares a hilarious anecdote regarding how Klay Thompson can just let shots fly whenever, wherever he feels like it.

Widely regarded as one of the greatest shooters to ever grace the court, Warriors star Klay Thompson has the ability to get insanely hot. His 60 point game in 2016 on 11 dribbles is a prime example of his brilliance.

When the 3-time champ reaches his peak, supposed heat checks are just regular shots for him. So why would anyone in the world want him to not shoot the basketball even more?

His teammate Draymond Green is ruining the fun for him, it appears.

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Festus Ezeli, the starting center for the Warriors back in 2016 revealed that Klay’s natural instinct was sometimes detrimental to the team.

During the legendary season where the Warriors claimed the best record in league history, Klay’s shooting made a game messier than it needed to be.

“I think we were up three with about 15 seconds left and somebody threw the ball to Klay. At this point, you just hold the ball, right? As soon as it touches his hands, Klay shoots it.” Ezeli said in an interview.

“I can’t remember if he made it or not, but I remember Draymond was like, ‘Yo, what were you doing?! Why would you shoot that?'” Klay casually claimed – he was just doing what was being paid for. Why hold the ball when you have a better chance of making the shot than most in league history?

A guy who had made a career out of routinely draining shots beyond the arc surely wasn’t going to be restrained for a puny regular-season game. Why, this is exactly the reason why the entire league simply adores this guy! Never change, Klay.

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