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“Done Playing The Nice Guy”: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Has Lil Yachty And Andre Iguodala Raving About Him And His Post On IG

Nithin Joseph

"Done Playing The Nice Guy": Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Has Lil Yachty And Andre Iguodala Raving About Him And His Post On IG

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is back at it again with another social media post. Of late, the OKC Thunder star has been posting some incredible pictures on Instagram, with some even greater captions. This time was no different, as the bars he spit in the caption got the attention of both Andre Iguodala and rapper, Lil Yachty.

The post in question mostly featured pictures of SGA showing off his impeccable fashion sense. There were also a few highlights from his games thrown in as well. All this put together prompted four-time NBA Champion Iguodala, to show his appreciation for the young guard in the comments section. “Might just be my fav player…,” wrote Iggy.

However, Lil Yachty took a different approach, he decided to give a shout-out to Drake’s son Adonis. The last slide of Gilgeous-Alexander’s post was a video of five-year-old Adonis giving other five-year-olds advice on how to improve their game. Yachty seemed to understand what he was saying and even claimed it improved his game.

As for the bar from Shai, it was quite “cold” so to speak. Claiming he is done playing like a “nice guy”, the 25-year-old seems to imply that he refuses to play a “role” anymore. “I’m done playing the nice guy to ppl tryna belittle. Like Malcolm in 06, I’m done playing the middle,” wrote Shai.


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An incredible caption from an equally competitive player. It’s almost like he’s matching up his exceptional performances on the court with an equally exceptional social media game.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander has been on point with social media for quite some time now

Thriving on social media is nothing new to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, the Candian hooper has been putting up some awesome posts for quite a while now. In fact, his captions get such traction, that even his teammates cannot help but marvel over them. Several of his OKC teammates can be seen in his comments section trying to hype him up or simply just leaving a sarcastic comment.

Shai has an incredible relationship with his teammates. Recently, Chet Holmgren crashed his interview and asked what it was like being unguardable. But, that aside, it’s safe to say that SGA’s social media game is on point. Fans will be waiting to see and read what he posts next.

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