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‘Don’t want to hear that s**t’: Patrick Beverley’s injury concern comment against Lakers’ Dudley comes back to bite him

Amulya Shekhar

Patrick Beverley's injury concern comment against Lakers' Dudley

Before the beginning of the bubble, Jared Dudley had expressed his concerns over chances on injury in the bubble. Pat Beverley disagreed with this, but got injured himself.

The last month has been a bad time to be a Clippers fan. The team blew a 3-1 lead to a young, upstart team and had its superstars come up empty in game 7.

Patrick Beverley has been laid bare on Twitter. Along with Paul George, Beverley has been the most-trolled Clippers player on the Internet.

Beverley’s pre-bubble statement about injuries comes back to bite him

Jared Dudley had posted a tweet about a month ahead of the bubble, expressing his concerns about the possibility of soft tissue injury. According to him, the 2 weeks prep time ahead of the actual games was not enough for players to get fit enough.

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Patrick Beverley did not quite have the same viewpoint. He believes that players should always be in NBA-ready conditions all year long.

As things turned out, Beverley himself picked up an injury during the first round series against the Mavs. This forced him to sit out for all but the first game of the series. One might argue that his absence may even have cost the Clippers a game or 2.

The irony of the situation is not lost when one considers that Dudley eventually got minutes in more games than Beverley.

Dudley, the Lakers’ definition of a human victory cigar, saw the court in 14 of their 29 games. This is more than the 11 Beverley played in Orlando.

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