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“DPOY Is A Joke” Lakers Reddit Can’t Fathom Anthony Davis Being Lower On Defensive Player Of The Year Odds Than Rudy Gobert

Sourav Bose

"DPOY Is A Joke" Lakers Reddit Can't Fathom Anthony Davis Being Lower On Defensive Player Of The Year Odds Than Rudy Gobert

The latest home game of the Los Angeles Lakers against the Minnesota Timberwolves added volume to the Defensive Player of the Year conversations. As the contenders for the award, Anthony Davis and Rody Gobert, faced off against each other on the court, due to which anticipation amongst fans was at an all-time high. Amidst the excitement, a home supporter expressed his disbelief over AD being lower on the DPOY ladder than the Frenchman. Subsequently, fans of the Lakers on Reddit could not fathom the scenario, raising concerns over the credibility of the award.

With the caption, “DPOY is a joke,” the fan uploaded an in-game snapshot showcasing a graphic. It displayed a comparative analysis of the contenders’ performances this season, sparking the discussion. It showcased how Davis ranked 2nd in blocks, joint 2nd in rebounds, 3rd in contested shots, 4th in contested threes, and within the 96th percentile in guarding post-ups. In comparison, Gobert ranked 6th, joint 2nd, 4th, 108th, and within the 89th percentile in the respective categories.

This shifted the spotlight onto AD with the current odds doing him a disservice. As per Sporting Newsthe Lakers center remains third-favorite for the award (+20000 odds) while Gobert leads the race (-500). Hence, as things stand, the Frenchman could be on his way to winning his fourth DPOY in six years.

On an individual level, Davis certainly emerges as a deserving candidate for the achievement. However, the current ranking of the teams is also favoring the Timberwolves star. While they lead the West with a 54-24 run, the Lakers remain in the play-in contention as the 9th-seeded franchise.

Hence, the stage is set for an interesting finish to the regular season with DPOY being a key area of interest for the fans. This award has eluded Davis throughout his career while Gobert has ruled over it in recent years. Will there be a change in pattern this time around? That’s the answer that interests the NBA fans right now.

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