Cover Image for Dwyane Wade built his $170 Million fortune despite his mother’s battle with drug abuse

Dwyane Wade built his $170 Million fortune despite his mother’s battle with drug abuse

Hemanth Amar
|Tue Aug 09 2022

Dwyane Wade never gave up on his mother, guiding her through her drug addiction and accompanying her until she was able to live a normal life.

Dwyane Wade’s mother struggled with addiction for the majority of her son’s life. She studied to become a pastor after she was released from prison. Jolinda Wade has been through a number of storms in her life, all of which were self-inflicted.

Dwayne Wade saw his mother Jolinda Wade’s journey from addict to pastor unfold in front of his eyes

Jolinda overdosed on drugs in the early 1990s and was resuscitated at St. Bernard Hospital.

A nurse asked her why she was living the way she was (in and out of prison, homeless, and addicted to drugs) and urged her to stop.

“Oh my God, when I met heroin, we became really good buddies,” she said. “It took me on a ride and ran, and I couldn’t explain it to anyone.”

She preaches the word of faith because it is the only thing she has ever said that has saved her soul.

“I’m at peace with myself. I trust and believe in God “She stated.

Jolinda claims she trusted the doctor-prescribed opioids to heal her body after an injury, but they quickly became a gateway drug for other drugs ranging from acid to cocaine to heroin.

Dwyane Wade’s most memorable contributions are those he made in the lives of others. The most heartfelt thanks,  however, came from Wade’s mother, Jolinda.

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Dwyane Wade saves his mother from the perils of addiction and keeps her out of prison

Wade’s father divorced Jolinda when he was a baby. She explained how her struggles as a single, low-income mother in Chicago’s South Side were exacerbated by her growing heroin, cocaine, and alcohol addiction.

Her children witnessed her dealing and using drugs on a regular basis, and she would sometimes go for long periods of time without seeing them. Wade recalled spending his nights with his siblings, praying for his mother’s safe return in a 2012 interview with Oprah Winfrey.

“Some nights, we’d sit on the porch, hoping she’d just walk around the corner,” he told Winfrey. “I kept my ear to the window, hoping to hear her voice, or I’d go for a walk, hoping to see her.”

Wade was sent to live with his father when he was eight years old, and Jolinda’s addiction worsened. Jolinda’s sister Diann would eventually find her in a variety of dangerous places, including jails, halfway houses, and foreclosed homes.

Dwyane Wade supported Jolinda no matter how many times she felt she had failed him, she explained.

“I never abandoned her. “I never blamed her,” Wade said to Winfrey. “Because that was her life, her path, her journey.” I wouldn’t be who I am today if I hadn’t taken that path.”

Jolinda converted to Christianity while in prison, where she dreamed of becoming a pastor, according to the Sun-Sentinel. After her release, she studied ministry.

Wade didn’t let such a traumatic life cycle hinder his career. He is one of the sport’s greatest players and his marketability has been top-notch.

Dwyane has amassed a huge $170 million fortune and has a loving family of 4 children, and his wife Gabrielle Union, who is the darling of America. He also raised his niece.

Despite all the trauma he never forgot his mother or blamed her, instead he encouraged her and held her hand through the journey. In 2008, Wade gave her mother an unimaginable gift: her own church, then known as the Temple of Praise.

Jolinda tells Wade in the commercial that she is proud of the man he has become. And she reminds her son of how many people’s lives he’s touched.

“You’re bigger than basketball,” she indicated.

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