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“Even Chuck ain’t sound that much like Charles Barkley!”: When comedian Danny Rouhier busted out HILARIOUS impression of NBA legend’s analysis

Hemanth Amar

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A comedian’s incredible Charles Barkley impersonation went viral and was even aired on TNT.

Danny Rouhier, who co-hosts 106.7 The Fan in Washington D.C. with Grant Paulsen, shared a fantastic video on Twitter last year.

He impersonated Barkley while breaking down the first half of the Nuggets-Blazers game.

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The impression was fantastic, and the best part was how he kept mispronouncing people’s names.

After the bit ended, Chuck, in typical Chuck fashion, butchered Rouhier’s name. That was incredible.

This comedian’s Charles Barkley impersonation is flawless, and you must hear it.

Everyone has a favorable impression that they like to try. It always makes people laugh, but it’s never about accuracy — it’s always about making an attempt.

But then there are the strange impressions. The ones that are so good that you believe the person being imitated is standing right next to you, talking to you. That’s how good it is.

Grant & Danny radio host and comedian Danny Rouhier shared his Charles Barkley impression on Twitter.

He did a first-half analysis of the Inside the NBA host on the Trail Blazers vs. Nuggets game that was so accurate it was creepy. It appears to be voice-over work, but it is actually him.

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The comical act was a hit on social media and even made its way on to NBA on TNT.

And as you’d expect, the people went absolutely insane.

As we said in the title… even Chuck doesn’t sound THAT MUCH like Charles Barkley.

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