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“Ever Wonder What A Convo Between The 2 Greatest Sounds Like?”: Michael Jordan And Dennis Rodman’s Intense In Game Discussion Intrigues Kevin Garnett

Jay Mahesh Lokegaonkar

"Ever Wonder What A Convo Between The 2 Greatest Sounds Like?": Michael Jordan And Dennis Rodman's Intense In Game Discussion Intrigues Kevin Garnett

Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman is widely remembered for his eccentric lifestyle, on-court outbursts, and fights that led to several ejections during his career. However, he is among the most skilled defenders to ever grace the sport and even had Michael Jordan‘s trust, perhaps the biggest stamp of approval.

During the 1997-98 NBA season, the Chicago Bulls started the season without Scottie Pippen after the forward intentionally delayed getting his ruptured ankle tendon surgically repaired until the start of training camp. With the team’s second-best player out, Jordan banked on Rodman to step up, and he did. The duo spoke a lot more during games than they previously had, and one conversation between the two that was caught on camera showcased their synergy was on point. It was this, that recently caught Kevin Garnett’s attention.

In the clip, Jordan and Rodman discuss navigating through a blindside screen during a timeout against the New York Knicks. The six-time Finals MVP instructs the forward to give him a signal when Knicks forward Charles Oakley sets a screen to allow guard Allan Houston to get an open look at the basket. Rodman asks if he wants him to bump into Oakley and stop him from setting a screen. Jordan responds that he should switch to Houston and let him worry about Oakley.


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The fascinating conversation resulted in the two defensive juggernauts coming up with a solution on the fly and trusting each other to play stifling defense despite the mismatch. It was this synergy between Jordan and Rodman that left Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett impressed, who shared the clip on his Instagram stories with the caption,

“Ever wonder what a convo between 2 of the greatest sounds like in a game? This is gold!”

Of all of Jordan’s teammates, Pippen’s name is rightfully attached to the six-time champion’s hip. However, Rodman was also clearly among the most vital contributors to Jordan and the Bulls’ incredible second three-peat between 1996 and 1998. And given just what went into that, it really is hard to blame Kevin Garnett for being mesmerized by what he saw.

Michael Jordan’s admiration for Dennis Rodman


While Dennis Rodman’s eccentricities have irked teammates on every franchise he played for, Michael Jordan had zen-like patience for the forward’s antics due to his dedication to winning. He not only did not mind the oddities but actually even vouched for it. After the Bulls secured their fifth title in seven years in 1997, Jordan was asked if the franchise should bring back Rodman, who was set to become a free agent in the offseason. He replied,

“Sure. His dresses doesn’t bother me, his hair doesn’t bother me. Sure, I mean, he’s gonna go wacko every now and then. We’ve come to live with that, we’ve come to accept that, but you can’t find another player on the basketball court that works just as hard as Dennis Rodman. He gives 110 percent, dives for loose balls even if he can’t get them, that’s Dennis Rodman.” 

Jordan’s backing was enough for the Bulls to hand Rodman a one-year deal until the end of the 1997-98 season. The decision was a masterstroke, as the forward played a vital role in helping Chicago win their sixth NBA title in eight seasons and complete a second three-peat. At the end of the 1997-98 season, Jordan retired, Pippen was traded, Rodman wasn’t offered an extension, and head coach Phil Jackson left the Bulls, as the greatest dynasty in NBA history crumbled.

While Jordan, Pippen, and Jackson are undoubtedly the faces of that incredible Bulls run, they likely wouldn’t have been as successful without Rodman’s invaluable contribution.

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