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Former Mavericks Center Blames Houston Rockets Youngster’s ‘T-Shirt’ For Igniting a Fire in the Warriors

Shubham Singh

Former Mavericks Center Blames Houston Rockets Youngster's 'T-Shirt' For Igniting a Fire in the Warriors

During their April 4 tussle, the Golden State Warriors blew out the Houston Rockets 133-110. The game had a controversial element as the Rockets’ reserve Tari Eason, who is out for the season due to a lower leg injury, taunted the Dubs by wearing a “Warriors Come Out to Play” t-shirt. Apparently, this was a dig at the Warriors’ reeling season, but this ridiculing only backfired for his squad.

Former Mavericks Center Ryan Hollins also believes the 22-year-old committed a blunder that only inspired the perennial title contenders to bury the Rockets. Talking on the ‘Run It Back’ pod, Hollins expressed that the forward shouldn’t have provoked the Dubs with his T-shirt.

As a color commentator for the Rockets, he was in the mix of things and therefore, the pod co-host Michelle Beadle was curious about his thoughts on the matter. The former NBA player reflected upon how youngsters can sometimes underestimate “OGs”. He recollected how top-flight established players would turn on the heat around the playoffs, just like the Warriors are doing right now. Therefore, for him, Eason’s t-shirt only acted as fuel for the 4x NBA champ core of Thompson, Curry, and Green.

This woke up the Warriors just a little bit. They have been playing great basketball, you guys know it. Draymond does some silly things, he goes over the board sometimes. But the thing Draymond knows how to get his team motivated.”

Thus, according to the Rockets’ color commentator, Green would have used Eason’s T-shirt message to motivate his team further. Despite all the troubles he creates, for Hollins, Green is the heart and soul of the squad. At any rate, this message didn’t sit well with veteran Klay Thompson. The second-year player didn’t make a good impression on the 34-year-old vet.

Klay Thompson ripped into Tari Eason

The sharpshooting guard had strong words for Eason’s actions. He was perplexed at Eason’s audacity. He was perturbed that the young forward committed to such shenanigans despite not even playing in the game. The Splash Bro admitted to talking trash himself but also expressed that athletes do it only when they are going at it in the game.

Mandatory Credit: Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

They don’t commit to such acts if they are on the sidelines, out because of an injury. Therefore, he found the Rockets’ forward’s actions inexcusable. Thompson states,

That’s pretty lame. Especially if you’re not even playing. It’s one thing if you’re playing and you’re out there competing and you can back it up, but if you’re just gonna be trolling from the sideline, bro. What are we doing? The times we talk mess, at least we’re out there competing.”

Therefore, the up-and-coming Rockets player received a stern response from one of the game’s greats. Not only did his decision harm his team but stained his reputation. At any rate, as a 4-time title winner in less than a decade, such messages would only increase the morale of Stephen Curry and Co.

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