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“Funny as S**t”: Cameron Brink Gets Candid on Making Kawhi Leonard Laugh More Than Anyone Else

Prateek Singh

"Funny as S**t": Cameron Brink Gets Candid on Making Kawhi Leonard Laugh More Than Anyone Else

Kawhi Leonard has always been a quiet and reserved person in front of the cameras. While his teammates often perceive him as a very likable guy, there is also a side of him that only a select few get to witness. On the recent episode of ‘Podcast P with Paul George’, the Los Angeles Sparks rookie, Cameron Brink, unveiled that he is hilarious during personal interactions.

Brink also boasted about the fact that she recently made him laugh more than anyone else ever has. She and Klaw are signed to New Balance and recently met for brand-related work. The 22-year-old said on the podcast,

“He [Kawhi] is funny as sh*t… And all the New Balance guys, like out head marketing guy was like, ‘We haven’t seen anybody make him laugh more than you’. So, I was like, give me my flowers. Kawhi, if you’re watching this.”

Brink added that she doesn’t remember what she said to the two-time NBA Champion, but it worked well on him. The 22-year-old also imitated the way Kawhi usually laughs to demonstrate the impact she made on him with her humor. After her story, Paul George stated that people misunderstand his teammate’s personality based on how they see him.

In reality, he is a totally different person. PG-13 said, “That’s what people don’t understand, Kawhi is actually one of the funniest human beings.”

In Brink’s opinion, the six-time All-Star is, “the male version of Aubrey Plaza. Just like, blunt, dry humor. And he kept saying, ‘When is this going to be over?'” George immediately understood what she meant because he has spent enough time around Klaw to know him inside out. He even has several anecdotes of the 2014 Finals MVP.

Paul George revealed how Kawhi Leonard bends the rules during practice

The two Clippers stars have been teammates since 2019, so best believe they have a lot of interesting stories about one another. Since George runs one of the most popular podcasts, he has a platform to share some of those stories.

Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

In a clip uploaded on YouTube by ‘Swish Union’, the 34-year-old detailed a hilarious story of Leonard bending the rules during practice. PG-13 said it’s a “law” in their practice sessions that if someone shoots an airball, the practice stops.

He said, “You airball a shot, you gotta drop the ball, run down…we’ll say, ‘we’ll wait’. So, I do it, everybody abides by the law.” However, when Kawhi once shot an airball during practice, no one could muster up the courage to tell him to drop the ball. Finally, the man broke his silence and ended up preaching the game to his team.

Kawhi said, “I’m not running… It’s basketball. I’m gonna air ball again… You’re not about to coach me or teach me like airball is not good. It’s part of the game.”

Despite B Shaw’s strict requirements during practice, he somehow managed to find a way around such instructions. It is heartening to see the Clippers star having fun off the court because he has a reputation for being deadly serious in the game.

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