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“Go Lakers”: Devin Booker ‘Hilariously’ Shifts Loyalty Ahead of Regular Season Finale on Sunday

Trikansh Kher

“Go Lakers”: Devin Booker ‘Hilariously’ Shifts Loyalty Ahead of Regular Season Finale on Sunday

The Phoenix Suns will be at the mercy of King James and the Lakers to avoid the play-in tournament as the regular season comes to an end. The Suns and the New Orleans Pelicans are still fighting for the final direct seat for this year’s playoffs. Phoenix did their part by defeating the Kings during their latest contest, with Kevin Durant leading the way with 28 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists. While the Suns brace for their final match-up against Minnesota, the Pelicans will be matching up against King James and the Lakers.

Before Monday’s season Finale, Devin Booker was asked during a locker room interview to weigh in on the matchup between the Lakers and the Pelicans as the regular season standings near a thrilling conclusion. Hilariously shifting his loyalty for ulterior reasons, Booker exclaimed, “Go Lakers!”

Booker’s response to the media definitely seems apt. If the Suns do manage to secure a victory against Minnesota, their entire playoff situation will hinge on Sunday night’s match-up between the Lakers and the Pels. If James and crew can secure a win on the road, the Suns won’t have to participate in this year’s Play-In tournament, as the Arizona side will be awarded the sixth seed and a direct place in this year’s playoffs. “So many possibilities, different things can happen. You just have to lock-in to your team and drive yourself crazy…either way you’re gonna have to match-up with somebody,” Booker added.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis should both be suiting up for the Lakers in this year’s season finale. The duo are coming off a monstrous performance against the Grizzlies, each scoring 35+ points on the night. Zion and the Pelicans will definitely look to secure a win in their final outing. Even the Suns have their work cut out against the Timberwolves, who are looking for the top seed.

The Play-in situation

The Play-In tournament is a blessing for some and a curse for others. The tournament gives a better opportunity for teams that might have had injury and chemistry issues, allowing the 9th and 10th seeds a single opportunity to make the playoffs. This year, both Conferences are having quite the time determining the playoffs bracket, as both conferences continue to shift positioning late into the season.

The Western Conference has already determined its 8th, 9th and 10th seed, as the Lakers await their upcoming matchup for the play-in tournament. From the looks of it, the Suns will be joining the Lakers, Warriors and Kings for the Play-In tournament from the West. While there is a chance that the Pelicans and the Timberwolves both lose their respective contests, the probability of the same happening seems rather low.

The situation in the East is no different though, as the fight for the 6th seed continues. The Bulls and the Hawks have already drawn the 9th and 10th seeds, while the Heat, Pacers, 76ers and Magic continue to struggle for a fixed berth in this season’s playoffs.

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