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‘Greatest choke job in NBA history’: Shannon Sharpe rips apart Clippers’ Kawhi Leonard for blowing 3-1 lead vs Nuggets

Amulya Shekhar

Shannon Sharpe on Clippers and Kawhi Leonard

FS1 Undisputed host Shannon Sharpe has made the controversial claim that the Clippers losing from 3-1 up is the greatest choke job in NBA history.

The LA Clippers blew double-digit leads in 3 straight games as they bowed out of the playoffs in disappointing fashion yesterday. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George combined for only 24 points and 8 rebounds on 10 of 38 shooting.

The Clippers could not score a field goal in the first 7 minutes of the 4th quarter.

Shannon Sharpe declares Clippers loss to be the ‘greatest choke job in NBA history’

There’s a heavily personal reason for why Shannon Sharpe is running with this take, and it’s obvious. Sharpe is a longtime LeBron stan and would do anything to take the pressure off The King’s back.

It is understandably this that has motivated him to call the Clippers loss a choke job.

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Commonly, the greatest choke job in NBA history is attributed to LeBron James, who was outplayed by Jason Terry and JJ Barea in the 2011 NBA Finals. James’s terrible performances in that series included an 8-point outing in a Game 4 loss by 3 points.

While Kawhi’s team was favoured to win this series by equivalent margins, it wasn’t solely Kawhi who let his team down this time.

If James had played even to his averages,  the Heat would have romped home in that series. It does make sense for a LeBron stan to live that down, however.

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