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Having Played 2 NCAA Championship Games, Caitlin Clark Picks Most Stressful Moment of Young Career

Shubham Singh

Having Played 2 NCAA Championship Games, Caitlin Clark Picks Most Stressful Moment of Young Career

Caitlin Clark was the number one pick in the 2024 WNBA draft, thanks to her solid resume including two straight NCAA Finals appearances. In her young career, no doubt Clark would have faced various high-pressure situations on the court. However, surprisingly, when asked about the most stressful situation she had been in, the Indian Fever guard revealed that it was something she had to do off the court.

Considering the limelight on the All-time leading NCAA scorer, she appeared on ‘Saturday Night Live’ just a few days before the draft. After getting drafted #1, Caitlin Clark went to ‘Good Morning America’ and discussed the time when her nerves were tested the most as a famous personality. When asked “what was more stressful” between the draft and the SNL appearance, she replied,

SNL, it’s not close. I was so nervous. I have never been so nervous for something in my life. Basketball on the national stage? Easy. Before they rolled me into the set, my heart was pounding out of my chest but it went okay,”

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Thus, for the NCAA legend, it is much more convenient to hoop on national television than performing an SNL skit. She certainly shone brightly when the national media followed each game anticipating her breaking the All-time NCAA scoring record. The former Hawkeyes perimeter threat has only raised the bar with each day. 

Caitlin Clark is carrying a lot of burden

Popular NBA athletes and analysts have labeled the incredible hooper as the face of women’s basketball. They expect her to lead the WNBA to bigger heights and expand its brand value. Upon her arrival at the WNBA scene, ESPN analyst Shannon Sharpe is undoubtedly expecting big things from her.

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On his pod ‘Nightcap’, Sharpe expressed how the impact of Clark led the WNBA to nationally televise 36 out of the 40 Fever regular season games. He also touched upon the increasing volume of investment,

It seems like advertisers and sponsors are starting to get behind these women… I think Caitlin Clark is gon be at the forefront of that.”

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Even JJ Redick likened her arrival to the WNBA scene to Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan lifting the NBA in the 1980s. After the WNBA draft, the former NBA shooting guard went live and brought out the humungous comparisons,

“Caitlin Clark is a media driver. She is a ratings driver. I think about the NBA, post Magic and Larry, NBA post Michael Jordan.”

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These words are barely surprising. Clark has become a household name and arguably her reach has surpassed any other women hooper in basketball history. All eyes will be on her when she will undertake her rookie campaign. 

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