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Having Spent $80,000 on Strippers, Dennis Rodman Once Rushed to the Vatican to Meet The Pope

Adit Pujari

Having Spent $80,000 on Strippers, Dennis Rodman Once Rushed to the Vatican to Meet The Pope

Dennis Rodman lies beyond the realms of human understanding. He is a spirit that roams the earth creating chaos. It is in chaos where The Worm finds true peace. This spirit has caused the eccentric former Bulls superstar to do some ridiculous things. Perhaps visiting North Korea and befriending Kim Jong-un is at the top of that pyramid. However, going to the Vatican to get a meeting with the newest pope is not all that far behind.

Dennis Rodman gained global notoriety after his stint in North Korea. The legendary rebounder accepted to visit the country after his teammate Michael Jordan refused the offer. When Rodman reached the controversial country, he not only attended the games and ceremonies but was ecstatic. Dennis was out partying with Kim Jong-un.

Just a few months later, still basking in his ‘successful’ diplomatic mission in North Korea, Rodman decided to visit the Vatican. This time, he wanted to meet the new pope being chosen and help solve Catholic Church’s problems.

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Dennis Rodman visited the Vatican on a mission

In an interview with TMZ, Dennis Rodman revealed his planned visit to the Vatican. The eccentric star claimed that his people in the religious city were trying to get The Worm a meeting with the next pope. And in fact, he even predicted that the first Black Pope could be chosen.

Dennis Rodman: “”I want to be anywhere in the world that I’m needed … I want to spread a message of peace and love throughout the world.”


Dennis Rodman was in the Vatican promoting a gambling website. He also claimed that it was about people who wanted to vote on the Pope whether he would be black or not. The Worm assured the reporter that the Pope would indeed be black but showed reluctance on betting on it. His defense ‘I don’t bet on that.’

Rodman confessed to spending $80,000 on strippers

Dennis Rodman is a wild man who has done some wild things. From wearing a wedding gown to his book release to splurging money in Vegas, Rodman has done it all. This is the man who accepted spending north of $80,000 on strippers.

It was these traits of his that made the entire ‘meet the Pope’ campaign all the more entertaining. After all, it is difficult to categorize Dennis the Menace as a ‘religious’ man.

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