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Having Worn a Wedding Dress in 1996, Dennis Rodman Started Setting the Stage for Russell Westbrook and Lil Nas X Since the 90s

Nithin Joseph

Having Worn a Wedding Dress in 1996, Dennis Rodman Started Setting the Stage for Russell Westbrook and Lil Nas X Since the 90s

Over the years, the NBA has become a testing ground for fashion. Several NBA superstars are concerned with how they look and what they wear.

The likes of Allen Iverson, Kyle Kuzma, and Russell Westbrook are all players who have been noted for their fashion sense. However, there is one progenitor from whom expression through fashion comes.

Dennis Rodman was the epitome of eccentric fashion in the NBA. The man wore outrageous clothes, including wedding dresses.

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Dennis Rodman once wore a wedding dress after getting the approval of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler

There can be no denying that The Worm, Dennis Rodman was a fashion icon. The man had no fear when it came to expressing himself through clothing.

The five-time NBA Champion was the first player to express his femininity through fashion. Take, for example, when he wore a wedding dress. A decision that was approved by Rock icon Steven Tyler.

“I went out to the gym, and I was riding the StairMaster. And to my left was Steven Tyler, just working out. Steven just jumped off the StairMaster and said, ‘Oh, my God, that is so fucking awesome!’ Because you know how Steven Tyler dress, right? He wore eccentric drag in the ’70s. And he said, ‘Do it, do it, do it!’ ”

Rodman’s choices greatly impacted the future of fashion, not just in the NBA but among black men in general. While he may not admit to it, The Worm has been of significant influence to both NBA stars like Russell Westbrook and rappers like Lil Nas X.

Rodman’s expression of femininity through fashion was of great influence to Lil Nas X

Dennis Rodman was one of the first African-American men to express their feminity via clothing. Prince and Little Richard aside, he certainly was the first athlete. As such, he has been a major influence on other celebrities with a similar form of expression, like Lil Nas X.

Rodman may have left the NBA with a bad reputation. But over the years, he has restored it and become an inspiration to many.

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