“How is banning a basketball game helping the Ukraine crisis?!”: Twitter reacts as UK’s Home Secretary cancels visas for the Belarusian Men’s Basketball Team for supporting Russia

Raahib Singh
|Published February 26, 2022

UK’s Home Secretary Priti Patel cancels visas for the Belarusian Men’s Basketball Team ahead of their match against Great Britain

The world is facing a grave crisis at the moment. A few days ago, the Russian armed forces attacked Ukraine. They infiltrated the border cities of Luhansk and Donetsk. On February 24th, President Putin announced a full-scale land, sea, and air invasion of Ukraine.

Since then a lot of people have stood up in support of Ukraine and its citizen. A few players have quit playing for their clubs, that were in support of Russia and its actions. Recently, the UK Home Secretary, Priti Patel canceled the visas of the Belarusian Men’s Basketball team. The Belarusian team was supposed to face off against Great Britain in the FIBA World Cup Qualifiers, to grab a spot for the FIBA 2022 World Cup.

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This has generated a lot of mixed reactions from the audience.

Twitter reacts to the Belarusian Men’s Basketball team getting their visas canceled

Belarus is a small nation sharing two of its boundaries with Russia, and one with Ukraine. In this entire conflict, Belarus has made its stance clear that it sides with Russia. The US, UK, and other major countries are condemning the move, and as a step, Priti Patel canceled visas for the Belarusian Men’s Basketball team. NBA Twitter reacted to the same in various ways.

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While UK’s government did what felt right to them, they should probably think about opening up their borders for the refugees in these tough times. We hope that people in Ukraine are safe and this entire issue would get resolved soon.

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