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“How Is That Disrespect Dummy?”: Shaquille O’Neal Goes Off On ‘Bystander’ For Suggesting He Insulted Nikola Jokic’s MVP

Advait Jajodia

"How Is That Disrespect Dummy?": Shaquille O'Neal Goes Off On 'Bystander' For Suggesting He's Insulted Nikola Jokic's MVP

Shaquille O’Neal is known for butting heads with fans, analysts, or fellow athletes, who question his credibility. This past week, the big man went viral on social media for another similar incident. While informing Nikola Jokic about his third MVP title, the TNT analyst boldly stated that Shai Gilgeous-Alexander deserved it more. Despite the Nuggets star laughing it off, basketball enthusiasts have been ripping apart Shaq for his comments.

More than a week after his original statement, it seems like Shaq has had enough of attacks. He recently posted a clip of a basketball enthusiast comparing Nikola Jokic and the former Magic.

The video creator measured two glasses of water, referring to the two big men while comparing different aspects of the game such as passing, scoring, basketball IQ, defense, and several others.


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Even though his caption suggested that the Joker was one of his four favorite players in the league, users in the comments section kept attacking the Big Aristotle for his initial statement. Consequently, he replied to one of the fans’ critical comments and didn’t hold back.

Clapping back at the ‘bystander’, the 52-year-old vented out his frustrations,

“told him to his face so dummies like u won’t twist my words i’m a always stand on what i say i and said i thought sga was the mvp and i dint give a fuck who like it, if u watch what i said i said he is still the best big man, how is that disrespect dummy.”

Shaq’s comment sections have been filled with such allegations. Even though he did admit that the Serbian is the best player in the league, he seems to have enraged many fans with his take,

“You know I love you, you’re the best player in the league. I want to congratulate you, but I want you to hear it from me first. I thought the SGA should’ve been the MVP, that’s no disrespect to you, but congratulations.”

The Hall-of-Famer even clarified his take by saying that he “speak clearly” and confronted Jokic about it “man-to-man”. While, as per him, the reason for stating that was the people who “wants to get in and twist it”. Apart from fans, fellow analysts have also taken exception to his claim which started another war of words.

A new beef in town!

Several individuals from the basketball world disagreed with Shaq’s take. However, Shannon Sharpe had a more disgruntled way of voicing his opinions. When the NFL legend said that Shaq was “jealous” of the Joker because he has just one MVP title, the big fella did not take that lightly. He posted a lengthy Instagram story to reply to Sharpe’s comments.

Mandatory Credit: Paul Chapman-USA TODAY Sports

While Sharpe publically expressed his wish to make things better with the NBA on TNT host, it seems the latter is still salty. Even though the Lakers legend is now one of the most well-known analysts, his actions here don’t seem entirely justified.

Even though he did congratulate the Serbian, the comments about SGA must’ve hurt Jokic. The Nuggets center’s ongoing series with the Wolves might be a good opportunity for him to quash all doubts.

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