How LeBron James and Lakers’ 0-4 Record Could Mean Victor Wembanyama Playing With Zion Williamson Next Season

Akash Murty
|Published October 27, 2022

The start to 2022-23, and his 20th season in the league, is beyond all the struggles LeBron James has faced since making it to the NBA as a 17-year-old.

LeBron James did go through a similar start in his rookie year, but expectations of him performing exceptionally were much bigger at the time than the Cleveland Cavaliers doing good.

But now, for both parties’ sake, what his team does, matters a little more than what he is doing. And this 0-4 start to their campaign is not acceptable for Lakers fans, not at least when they are not entitled to their next year’s first-round picks.

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LeBron James’ failure means Zion Williamson’s success, a success that could land his team Victor Wembanyama

Back in the 2019 off-season, while trading every player who was too good to be traded for an injury-prone guy, James’ persistence in teaming up with Anthony Davis led the Lakers’ management to add multiple unprotected first-round picks and draft swaps, including the #4 pick of 2019, to the Pelicans.

AD did help them in winning the title in his first season with the franchise but has since struggled through injuries including the one on his wrist last season which apparently has taken everything he had for his above-average jump shots.

And the way Brodie has carried his downfall from the last season, combined with how everyone else is performing in the team, the Lakers are now the worst team in the league offensively.

If they fail to trade Russ before the trade deadline this team might finish with one of the worst records in the league, and if that happens nobody will be more excited than the New Orleans Pelicans. Read out this Redditor’s post to further understand what we mean.

Zion might already be dreaming about playing with Victor Wembanyama after the LA team fell Nuggets and made themselves one of the worst teams in the league quite earlier than last season.

How ‘LeGM’ could save or destroy the Lakers once again

As he approaches the latter end of his career, pushing himself among the GOATs of the game, James is expected to win championships playing with the likes of AD and Brodie.

However, with an eight and four years age gap with the King, the two Lakers stars look like they have hit their decline much earlier than the 18x All-Star it seems less likely after each game that it’s happening this season.

The clock is ticking down, let’s see what the soon-to-be 38-year-old does with the Lakers’ management to settle this drama. It’s time for him to bring his GM skills to use.

And if The King fails, nobody in the league would be happier than Zion and the Pelicans. Their chances of getting the best picks are directly proportional to how badly the Lakers fail.

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