“I Didn’t Have To Take A Sh*t, F**k Outta Here”: Paul Pierce Once Again, Clears The Air Over Infamous Wheelchair Game

Nithin Joseph
|Published 16/03/2023

Paul Pierce is widely remembered as one of the greatest players of his generation. He was a superstar and a Boston Celtics legend. However, post-retirement, The Truth has been a bit of a laughingstock. To be particular, his time as an analyst for ESPN has led to him becoming the butt of several jokes.

That being said, it was not the first time Pierce has done something questionable. Back in his playing days, the 2008 NBA Champion received much ridicule for the infamous “wheelchair incident”. Years later, he now clarifies that he in fact did not have to go to the bathroom. Rather, he sprained his MCL.

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Paul Pierce claims he sprained his MCL and did not have to go to the bathroom during the 2008 NBA Finals

The 2008 NBA Finals were quite special. The Boston Celtics took home the championship, their first one in 22 years. To top it off, they won it over their long-time rivals, the LA Lakers, led by Kobe Bryant.

However, that wasn’t the only reason it was memorable. Another more hysterical reason why this series lives long in the memories of fans and players alike is because of Paul Pierce. After all, Game 1 is remembered as the “wheelchair game” because of him.

That’s right, in the third quarter of Game 1, The Truth was taken back into the locker room in a wheelchair. Many have wondered why, and one of the more hilarious theories, is that Pierce needed to go to the bathroom. Well, unfortunately for the conspiracy theorists, that wasn’t the case. He had simply sprained his MCL.

“I sprained my MCL. It was my MCL. Yeah. Don’t believe all them rumors…”I had to go to the bathroom”. Everybody talking about I had to take a sh*t. Get the F**k outta here!”

Safe to say there won’t be any misconceptions about that game anymore. But, if there are, they better be voiced outside of Pierce’s earshot. Lest they face his wrath.

The Truth came back on the court despite being wheeled out of the game

On the night, many believed that Pierce’s role in Game 1 was done when he got wheeled out. However, despite injuring his leg, The Truth returned to the game a few minutes later, surprising everyone. It’s not every day you go out in a wheelchair and come back looking fit as a fiddle.

Given how quickly he came back, it’s no wonder rumors started circulating that he had to go to the bathroom. But, all that is in the past. At the end of the day, people will remember the 2008 NBA Finals as the year The Truth finally prevailed.

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