“I’m Here to Get F**Ked Up”: Wine-Drinking Dennis Rodman Once Destroyed Playboy Model’s Confidence

Achyuth Jayagopal
|Published 25/11/2022

There are the mavericks and then there is Dennis Rodman (who incidentally did feature in a Mavericks jersey). Dennis Rodman, with his many antics, became a figure of much intrigue to the public. This meant dealing with the media and the Paparazzi on a daily basis for The Worm.

The media followed and reported Rodman’s drinking issues, his wild partying, and his relationships with great aplomb. The former NBA champion became a tabloid sensation and was cast as an oddball to the public.

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Rodman had a troubled relationship with practically everyone associated with him and his erratic nature soon became public knowledge. The media eye appeared to have even gone to a level which The Worm couldn’t deal with anymore.

The scrutiny on Rodman was to an extent that even the parties that Rodman attended weren’t media-proof. The Miami New Times describes a sullen Dennis Rodman in a vulnerable situation despite being in the middle of a strip club. The mental torture of knowing that your every step is watched probably hit Rodman at the Los Vegas strip club.

Dennis Rodman showed no interest in the Playboy model

Terrence McCoy’s piece in the Miami New Times in long form covers a long list of extravagant Rodman stories. This includes details on a particular appearance The Worm made a Los Vegas strip club.

According to McCoy, Rodman arrived at the club with two brunet pornstars from Vivid Entertainment. Merely a normal occurrence in the daily Rodman cycle. And who are the two pornstars to Dennis Rodman? The NBA star ignored the ladies and proceeded with his shenanigans.

“I’m here to get f**ked up” declared Rodman, still in complete ignorance of the ladies who accompanied him. The Worm moved on to the bar and ended up with a bikini-clad, blond Playboy model. Funnily enough, the model became yet another woman to be ignored by the Worm, who showed no interest in a conversation.

In the words of McCoy,

“Rodman wore a sad, distant expression and wasn’t particularly interested in ­conversation with the young woman. He asked a burly, gray-haired photographer to stop snapping his picture, and bouncers erected a wall of chairs to separate him from other guests. For once, Rodman didn’t want attention.” 

To be in Rodman’s shoes was probably an impossible task on and off the court. A storied career maligned by a troubled lifestyle. The story of Dennis Rodman.

Were Rodman’s partying habits affecting his playing career?

Say whatever about Dennis Rodman, the man still delivered on the court on more occasions than not. Partying was part and parcel of Rodman’s life and it would appear everyone around him also accepted this fact.

Dennis Rodman even admitted to having partied the night before a crucial Game 6 in the 1996 NBA Finals. In his book, Walk on the Wild Side, Rodman talks about how partying overnight and seeing the lights out at his exit from club-hopping was when he felt ready for Game 6.

“We went to breakfast at Third Coast, a great place in the Gold Coast district, and when I walked out the door it was light out, I knew I was ready for Game 6. Sure enough, we went out and got solid and won” as narrated by the man himself.

As briefed earlier, there were the mavericks, and then there was Dennis Rodman.

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