Cover Image for In contrast to Scottie Pippen, $16 million worth superstar doesn’t support $200 million worth Kevin Durant’s decision of demanding a trade

In contrast to Scottie Pippen, $16 million worth superstar doesn’t support $200 million worth Kevin Durant’s decision of demanding a trade

Advait Jajodia
|Tue Jul 26 2022

According to Dominique Wilkins, Kevin Durant should “hang in there” and “stick it out” with the Brooklyn Nets instead of requesting a trade.

This offseason’s biggest revelation was Kevin Durant demanding a trade from the Brooklyn Nets. Amid the whole Kyrie Irving situation, KD shocked the league with his decision of parting ways with the NY-based franchise.

Ever since the news broke out, basketball enthusiasts from around the world have been questioning and even attacking Durant’s loyalty. According to various analysts, The Durantula has an awful reputation for switching teams when things start going south.

Shannon Sharpe had criticized the 2014 MVP when the news initially broke:

“I’m surprised, but I started thinking and realized KD’s a runner. He’s a track star. He’s going to run away when it gets hard. He can’t take the pain, he can’t get scared, if you get involved, he’ll leave your team in ruins… I’m so disappointed in KD. This KD/LeBron comparison, we can put it to bed.”

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Just like Shannon, NBA legend Dominque Wilkins also doesn’t approve of KD’s decision.

“No matter the trials, you got to hang in there”: Dominique Wilkins on the Kevin Durant-Nets situation

The long-time Atlanta Hawks legend stated how KD should be with the Nets despite the struggles and “stick it out”. The former 9-time All-Star further said:

“I’m cut from the old school cloth. At some point, players are going to have to realize that no matter the trials and tribulations you go through, you got to hang in there and stick it out.”

Nique’s words are completely different from what Scottie Pippen thinks of the whole situation. The Bulls legend, surprisingly, defended the 2-time Finals MVP for his decision of wanting to leave. Pip had said:

“You know, that’s the game today. Players control their own destiny and not much loyalty is needed on either side of the table anymore. I’m fine with it, to be honest. I kind of like how the players have their freedom to change and it’s what the owners have been doing to players for years.

So, they just even the playing field, to me. I don’t feel bad for what KD is doing at all. I think it’s a great move for him. You move as much as you want, in today’s game. It’s like, to me, playing pick-up basketball.”

With speculations coming in quicker, we should, hopefully, soon learn about KD’s fate.

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