“J.R. Smith gets attacked by a swarm of bees in his debut college golf tournament”: The former LeBron James teammate never fails to amuse with his slip-ups

Arjun Julka
|Published 13/10/2021

Former NBA player J.R. Smith, who recently embarked on a new inning in his life, taking to professional Golf, was met with an unfortunate accident in his first college tournament.

After playing 16 seasons in the NBA, J.R. Smith decided to hang his boots. The former 6th man of the year planned to take his talents to play pro golf. Smith enrolled himself in a college and decided to pursue a major in liberal arts, where he could be deemed eligible by NCAA to play for a golf team.

Smith has been giving his fans glimpses of his new journey through his social media account. The former Cavs player has been sharing his experiences, starting his new classes, and the challenges that arise with them.

Many of his critics were skeptical about his new career choice, which involved going back to college and taking up a whole new different sport. However, Smith has been very optimistic as he embarks on his new journey and has even found support from his former teammates, such as LeBron James.

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Unfortunately, Smith’s first stint at his college golf tournament, was met with an accident. The two-time champion was the victim of a bee attack.

JR Smith steps on a beehive during his first college tournament.

Smith’s relationship with slip-ups never gets old, whether it was his career in the NBA or his new journey in pro Golf. Game one of the 2018 NBA Finals continues to remain fresh in people’s minds to this date. The former shooting guard can tend to lose focus at times.

Smith, who was participating in his first college golf tournament for North Carolina A&T, would end up stepping on a beehive during the first round of action. Resulting in him requiring immediate medical attention.

According to Elon University student video engineer Jared Bunder via Twitter, Smith went into the woods to find his ball on the 12th hole and ended up stepping on a beehive.

In the clip above, Smith can be seen experiencing some discomfort but would resume play soon. According to Bunder, Smith allowed other players to play through while he was being checked out.

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The former NBA champion recorded scores of 78 and 83 during the first two rounds of the tournament and sat in 81st place.

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