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“Jaylen Brown Is My Hero”: $160,000,000 Worth Rapper Lauds Celtics Superstar For Suiting Up For ‘NBA’s Rival League’

Utathya Ghosh

“Jaylen Brown Is My Hero”: $160,000,000 Worth Rapper Lauds Celtics Superstar For Suiting Up For 'NBA's Rival League'

In a groundbreaking move that’s rewriting the history books of both the NBA and the BIG3, Jaylen Brown, the Celtics’ shining superstar, will lace up his sneakers to grace the court of the NBA’s rival league – the BIG3. Standing at the forefront of those showering praise upon Brown is none other than the illustrious rapper and business mogul, Ice Cube. With a staggering net worth of $160,000,000, Ice Cube is no stranger to making headlines, but his latest accolade is directed at none other than Jaylen Brown.

Transitioning from the stage to the microphone, Ice Cube built his monumental wealth through a meteoric rise in the music industry, marked by hit records, sold-out tours, and a relentless music career. Speaking of wealth, Jaylen Brown is undoubtedly growing richer, not just in terms of his game but also his contracts. Following his colossal new deal, ringing in at an impressive $304,000,000, Brown’s stature in the sports realm has elevated to new heights.

Ice Cube Salutes Jaylen Brown for Upcoming BIG3 Appearance

In a heartfelt Tweet that echoed through social media, Ice Cube penned a resounding tribute to Brown. He wrote:

“Jaylen Brown is my hero. He’s making a humongous statement by being the first current NBA player to play in a BIG3 game. By suiting up for our All Star game tomorrow, he’s doing everything in his power to help the league succeed. Salute. Forever grateful…” 

This sentiment not only encapsulates the significance of Brown’s move but also emphasizes the magnitude of his role in fostering BIG3’s success.

Furthermore, this historic event marks Jaylen Brown as the sole active NBA player to participate in the BIG3. 

Ice Cube Once Praised Jaylen’s Historic Contract

But the connection between Jaylen Brown and Ice Cube doesn’t stop at tweets and tributes. The former N.W.A. frontman reached out to Brown after the ink dried on his record contract. Opening up about their rapport, Ice Cube shared high praise for the two-time NBA All-Star in an interview with NBC10. 

“When he first got into the league I was able to meet him and his family. Just been watching his progression,” Ice Cube reflected. “We’ve been talking a little on and off this offseason. It was great to see him get that extension and to be able to set his feet right there in Boston.”

He continued with admiration, saying: 

“It was just a tremendous moment for him and his family. I think he’s just a great young player and just a great guy all around. A level-headed guy who’s an intellectual. So it’s great to see the hard work pay off for him.”

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