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“John Collins put Joel Embiid in a choke hold and dunked on him!”: NBA fans react to the Hawks big man’s emphatic lob dunk from Trae Young over the Sixers MVP in Game 6

Samir Mehdi

“John Collins put Joel Embiid in a choke hold and dunked on him!”: NBA fans react to the Hawks big man’s emphatic lob dunk from Trae Young over the Sixers MVP in Game 6

NBA fans go ballistic upon seeing John Collins dunk all over Joel Embiid and hilariously claim he ‘murdered’ Joel Embiid in Game 6. 

Lob dunks and posters are always a thing of beauty to see in the game of basketball. The chemistry and the timing required between the lobber and the lobee (terms are still a work in progress) is an incredible sight to see while a poster dunk just shows off the dunker’s raw strength to go over a grown man and jam the ball through the rim. John Collins just combined both of these two phenomena. 

Tensions ran high between both Joel Embiid and John Collins throughout the entirety of Game 6. slight shoves, aggressive box-outs, and their collective/ pent-up aggression all came out at once towards the finals minutes of the 4th quarter after Embiid dunked on Collins, resulting in a scuffle that took both teams quite close to the stands.

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However, prior to Embiid’s dunk over JC, the latter had quite literally baptized the MVP candidate in a way that only a selective few in the NBA can. 

NBA fans react to John Collins dunking over Joel Embiid. 

Trae Young is a master at navigating himself through screens and after curling around two screens on the perimeter set by John Collins and Clint Capela, the former dove straight to the rim and had the ball wrapped up like a gift on Christmas morning, waiting for him near the rim. Collins took care of the rest and yammed it over Embiid.

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NBA fans went absolutely nuts on social media after the dunk had taken place, with most of them praising John Collins for dunk. A select few however, claimed it was an offensive foul as he grabbed Embiid’s neck. As we can say about that is, the ref didn’t call it. So, it’s a poster dunk nonetheless.

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Samir Mehdi

Samir Mehdi


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