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Jonathan Isaac ACL injury: What is the torn ACL recovery time for an athlete?

Gautham Balaji
|Mon Aug 03 2020

The Jonathan Isaac ACL injury left the Orlando Magic players in shock today, only to be later revealed it is an ACL Tear. Here we look at his recovery time.

The timing of this injury is extremely brutal for the Orlando Magic and especially Jonathan Issac. The 22-year-old forward is still on his rookie contract. An ACL injury has a considerably longer recovery time. Although it is quite too soon to confirm, this ACL injury could potentially rule him out of the 2020-21 season too.

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Jonathan Isaac ACL Injury

The excruciating moment for the young forward came early in the fourth quarter. After driving through the lane, he was attempting to split two defenders with a jump stop. However, when he landed on the floor, he screamed with pain and clutched his knee.

Players circled all around him, as from his screams they had gauged that something bad had happened to him. The Orlando Magic medical staff attended to him on the baseline for a while. Soon, he left the game in a wheelchair.

Torn ACL recovery time for an athlete

ACL is one of the most severe serious injuries that plagues athletes. The ACL tissue connects the thighbone to the shinbone. The snapping of this tissue is extremely excruciating. To recover from an ACL, athletes have to undergo intense physiotherapy as well.

After an ACL surgery, an athlete is generally recommended a rest period of 1-2 months while doing light physiotherapy.

Post 1-2 months of rest and light physiotherapy, an athlete would have to undergo continuous physiotherapy for over 9 months in order to be able to get back to his/her normal running self. Post that it will take some time to get adjusted to contact training and only then will he/she be allowed to play contact basketball.

Jonathan’s injury woes

This is Jonathan’s second game back. Earlier this year in January, he hyperextended his knee at Washington. He was forced to miss 31 games due to this injury.

However, with an ACL injury, a much longer and tougher rehabilitation course awaits Jonathan Issac. This could potentially rule out the forward from playing the next season of the NBA.

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