“Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has more seasons with a top 5 MVP vote-getter than Michael Jordan”: Nick Wright explains how the 7’2” Lakers icon is better than the 6’6” Bulls GOAT

Advait Jajodia
|Published July 30, 2022

According to Nick Wright, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has had a better basketball life than the likes of Michael Jordan.

The GOAT debate has been a long-lasting topic that often turns into a heated argument with no solid conclusion. Throughout the course of the league, there have been numerous players who have a legit case to win this prestigious title. However, this debate has been majorly dominated by the likes of two legends – Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

While fans often laud MJ for being 6-0 in the championship, his incredible competitiveness, and the impressive skill-set he possessed, LBJ is commended for his longevity, stacked resume, versatility, and physicality.

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However, there are a few people who have none of these two icons as their pick for the GOAT pick. Analyst Nick Wright is one of them.

According to Wright, out of the three legit GOAT candidates, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has had the best career.

Nick Wright details how Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had a better resume than Michael Jordan

On a recent appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show”, Nick explained how the Lakers legend had a better career than the likes of MJ and LBJ. Going as back as these players’ high school days to prove his point, the 37-year-old analyst explained himself:

“Nobody has more championships than him of the GOAT candidates. He has scored the most points, goals, or runs, whatever the sport is, of all the candidates. In fact, of everyone in history, and has the most league MVPs of everyone in history. It would not be controversial to say he should be in the discussion.”

“Jordan’s pinnacle, his peak, one could argue, was higher than anybody else’s. However, the second place on that list might be Shaquille O’Neal, so why is Shaquille O’Neal not in the top five, top six, top seven? He didn’t do it long enough. Kareem has more seasons where he was a top-five MVP vote-getter than Michael Jordan has seasons.”

“Michael Jordan was a very good college player, good enough that people said I’d rather have Sam Bowie. In high school, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar went 79-2, and I’m told Michael Jordan got cut from his team. Now I’m sure it was a very good team he got cut from, but Kareem wasn’t getting cut. I just think Kareem has the better basketball life than Michael Jordan.”

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