Karl Malone, Who Impregnated a 13-Year-Old, Fathered Former NFL Player Demetress Bell in a Shocking Scandal

Adit Pujari
|Published October 02, 2022

Utah Jazz legend Karl Malone fathered former NFL player Demetress Bell with a 13-year-old minor girl in one of the biggest NBA scandals.

Karl Malone is one of the greatest scorers of his era. His time in NBA is widely celebrated. Utah Jazz fans especially ever the ring-less superstar.

A Hall of  Famer, Malone is a 14-time All-Star. In his 19 seasons in the league, the Jazz legend managed to win two MVPs.

But Karl Malone, regardless of his on-court greatness, will always be followed by the crimes of his past. Malone has to be one of the most controversial NBA star. And there is reason to believe that in today’s world, Malone would never have stepped on a basketball court.

In college, already a big name, Malone played for Louisiana Tech. A force of nature, he quickly found success and became a top NBA prospect.

But his success was shadowed by an act that has tainted his entire legacy. In college, Karl Malone met 13-year-old Gloria Bell. He impregnated her and had a child by the time Malone was only 20. Malone refused all claims and denied the relationship.

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Karl Malone’s son Demetress Bell played in the NFL

Demetress Bell, who played in the NFL, was born to Gloria Bell. Malone is Bell’s father. But the NBA star did not meet his son until he was 17. Bell was drafted by Buffalo Bills in 2008. He played four seasons before retiring in 2012.

Malone wasn’t just infamous for this one incident. Though not at the same magnitude, he famously almost fought Bryant over Vanessa Hudgens. Karl Malone had allegedly said something inappropriate to Bryant’s wife.

Rob Pelinka in an interview with ESPN revealed:

“Karl and his son were at the game sitting in the front row. Vanessa was on the cell phone talking to Karl’s wife, Kay, and Vanessa said that her son looked bored. Kay told her to call Karl to have her son join her in her seats. Kay gave Vanessa Karl’s cell number and she called him. When she called, Karl’s response was, ‘Why don’t you come over here and sit next to me and give me a big hug?’ Vanessa said, ‘Why? For what?’ And Karl replied, ‘If you do that it will be on the cover of every magazine in the country.’”

“Vanessa didn’t know what to say because this was the first time she had ever spoken to Malone without Kobe or Kay being around. Karl continued. ‘Do you like me?’ Malone asked her, to which Vanessa said, ‘As my friend, Kay’s husband.'”

Malone was a shady character. He deserves a lot more scrutiny and backlash for his actions. Do you think he should not be celebrated?

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