“Kevin Durant finished off the Globetrotters move”: Nets display full offensive arsenal on the break in win against Cleveland Cavaliers

Amulya Shekhar
|Published May 17, 2021

Kevin Durant and his Brooklyn Nets finished the season off in style with a win and a sick transition move. 

The Brooklyn Nets and the LA Lakers are the two biggest betting favorites to win the NBA title this year. These two juggernauts have, however, not played at full strength for most of the season.

Some injury or the other has plagued both sides, and consequently, basketball fans are left wondering which team is really better. There are a ton of fans for the Lakers faction obviously, given how LeBron James looms large on the NBA horizon.

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Well, those on the Lakers side of the debate are in for a rude awakening if today’s games were anything to go by. The Nets finished the season off in style against the Cavs even without James Harden in their ranks.

Kevin Durant finishes off the fast break in style

One of the signature moments, and probably a top 10 play of the day came just before halftime. The Nets gained an advantage through a change in possession and Blake took full advantage.

The former Clippers forward dished out an extraordinary behind the back pass to Kyrie Irving, who was leaking ahead. Kyrie passed it on to Mike James, who sensed an onrushing Kevin Durant and teed up an inviting lob off the backboard. KD’s finish put the cherry on top to one of the best plays of the entire NBA season.

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If the dunk is indeed a sign of things to come, Eastern Conference fans will be hoping for the postseason with bated breath. The Nets seem to have pulled their socks up on defense, and their offense seems to be quite sorted by the looks of it.

It’s alright, Lakers fans. Most of us thought you’d have another run to the championship at the start of the season too. Well, Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving will probably have something to say about that in the postseason.

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