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Kevin Durant joins $100 million pool to build the future of machine learning with his $200 million net worth

Achyuth Jayagopal
|Thu Jul 14 2022

Kevin Durant is a basketball phenom who needs no introduction.

Widely regarded as one of the most skilled players to ever play the game, KD was destined for stardom from the moment he touched the court. Durant is an actual unicorn with range that belies his length.

Kevin Durant has accrued a lot of silverware in his career. His success has meant that he has developed into one of the richest players to ever play the game. KD is #6 on Forbes’ list of the world’s highest-paid athletes for 2022 and has found himself in many such lists over his career.

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Latest stats reveal that the Slim Reaper earned a whopping $92.1 million in 2022. His earnings however have been divested into various portfolios.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the future of big tech. And this does not seem to be lost on Kevin Durant.

What investment did KD make in the fields of AI and machine learning?

Kevin Durant was part of a set of investors who contributed to ‘Hugging Face’. ‘Hugging Face’ is a company that aims to democratize AI and develop the field for the future.

As part of their Series C fundraising campaign, they raised a whopping $10o million. Kevin Durant was one of the major investors who helped raise such a sum for the company.

Hugging Face is currently the world’s fastest-growing community and the most used machine learning platform. KD certainly seems to have hit the bullseye with this investment.

Contributing to the “next big thing” in big tech might just be KDs biggest off-court initiative. While the exact figure remains unknown, this points to a smart investment from The Slim Reaper.

This shows that it’s clearly not just with the basketball that KD makes the right decisions.

While his own future remains under doubt, he’s definitely got a stake in the future of big tech being secured.

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