Cover Image for Klay Thompson’s go to ice for the wrist is a humble, no frills $500 Tissot PRX

Klay Thompson’s go to ice for the wrist is a humble, no frills $500 Tissot PRX

Arun Sharma
|Thu Jul 21 2022

NBA Stars usually like to spend big on jewelry – Klay Thompson takes the opposite route by going surprisingly affordable. 

Klay Thompson wore the same watch not once, but twice during the post-season just gone by. The four-time champ wore a simple and clean gold watch, that could be mistaken for something worth the thousands. The watch in question is a Tissot PRX, which released in 2021. With a price tag starting from 350 dollars, his piece was slightly more expensive, 500 dollars.

That is usually how much he fills up in his boat in terms of gas money, so looking at him wear something that a commoner would don is surprising. Considering he makes millions per year, one would not be mistaken if they thought he’d be wearing something around his wrist that shone brighter than the sun.

But he chose to keep it low-key, because who wants to be blinded when they want to look at the time. No one looks at their watch anymore, since it is more jewelry than a time-keeper at this point. Switching it up a bit, and using it for its intended purpose, KT kept it functional, yet eye-catching at the same time.

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Klay Thompson only cares about one type of bling – the one that is given out by commissioner Adam Silver

A lot of watches from the 70s used simple, elegant, and yet classy lines. Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, IWC, and others, seemed to have spearheaded this design movement. If you watched the old James Bond movies, his watch gadget would look pretty similar to this one that Klay wears. Most affordable watches in this price category often design their watches to be gaudy, to cover up for lack of cost.

But since Klay is a classy guy, and someone who doesn’t care about the bling (unless you can wear it on your finger after an NBA season), simple seems to be his go-to look. Never appearing on any NBA runway looks, not known for his cars, or flashy houses, Thompson seems to live that comfortable, yet fulfilling lifestyle.

He owns multiple statement pieces in his cabinet – none make a statement like the PRX. While anyone would have decked themselves out for the parade, the multi-millionaire chose to keep it low-key. He may have premonished his drunk escapades, which is why he chose to dress down instead of up.

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