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Knicks guard Derrick Rose has 19 tattoos but suffers from “Trypanophobia”

Achyuth Jayagopal
|Fri Aug 19 2022

Derrick Rose, despite having a star-studded career routinely features in the biggest “what-ifs” of the NBA.

The fall from grace of the youngest MVP in league history due to various injuries was painful to watch. D Rose‘s 50-point game with the Timberwolves was one of the most memorable individual performances in recent years.

Rose’s career resurgence as a sixth man has also come as a sweet surprise to many NBA fans. After his disastrous spell with the Cavaliers, it had appeared that the writing was on the wall for the former MVP.

D Rose was known for his athleticism during his prime. Pre-injury D Rose was Ja Morant before Ja Morant, fearlessly getting bodies all over. Ferocious dunks and nonchalant staredowns were the new normal.

But Rose’s fearlessness was limited to the court. In reality, D Rose had his fears. With a particular phobia of needles standing out.

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How does Rose describe his fear of needles?

Derrick Rose himself claims to be terrified of needles. This might come as a surprising fact considering the sheer number of tattoos rocked by the former Bulls star.

Rose played an extremely grueling and physical style of basketball in his pre-injury period. Such an extreme style of play and the contact in the NBA meant that Rose was often in need of stitching up.

And D Rose absolutely hated every second of it. Rose would be pouting and storming out of locker rooms in his own words when he needed stitching up.


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Regardless, to think a physical phenom was scared of needles is quite amusing.

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