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“Kobe Bryant watched Michael Jordan and karate tapes!”: Tracy McGrady detailed insane vacation schedule that an 18 year old Lakers legend had in Paris

Advait Jajodia
|Wed Jul 06 2022

On a vacation trip to Paris with Kobe Bryant and his family, Tracy McGrady hilariously revealed what all the then-18-year-old do.

Kobe Bryant and Tracy McGrady are two of the game’s greatest guards. Both of the superstars being prolific scorers, each of them had a pretty terrific career.

While the prime years of T-Mac’s career were short-lived, the Rockets legend still managed to have a stellar career. In his 15-year career, McGrady was a 7-time All-Star, 7-time All-NBA player, won the 2001 MIP honors, 2 scoring titles (2003 & 2004), and was even inducted into the Hall-Of-Fame in 2017.

Whereas, The Black Mamba racked up one of the most decorated resumes in modern NBA. After the conclusion of his illustrious 20-year career, Bean was an 18-time All-Star, 15-time All-NBA player, 12-time All-Defensive player, won 2 scoring titles, an MVP, 5 championships, and 2 Finals MVP.

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During their prime, the duo had some of the most intense head-to-head battles. However, not many might know, that Kobe and Tracy have been lifelong friends even before either of them set foot on the NBA hardwood. The two were so close that they even went to Paris for a holiday during their teen years. And recently, Tracy detailed Kobe’s activities from that vacation.

“I found that Kobe Bryant was very intelligent, and had such an incredible way of seeing life”: Tracy McGrady

T-Mac made an appearance on “The Alex Kennedy Show”, wherein he disclosed all of Kobe’s doings on that Paris trip. While realizing Kobe’s love for the game of basketball, Tracy also found how intelligent a human the Lakers legend was at a very young age. Further revealing that Bryant watched tapes of Michael Jordan and karate flicks, the 43-year-old said:

“I think being in Paris with him, seeing his work ethic, and getting a good feel for who Kobe. He was a guy that always tried to be 1-of-1 against anybody that he was in competition with. I found that he was very intelligent. Just really had things figured out at an early age. [He had] such an incredible way of seeing life and saw things, just to sit down and have those conversations with him, man.

I stayed with him and his parents back when I was 18 years old, all he did was watch these tapes, whether it’s karate flicks, Michael Jordan, home and grown movies like ‘Come Play With Me’ ‘Come Fly With Me’ ‘Playground’. He loved Karate flicks. Just to be around that and go through his career and what he became, just an icon and such an inspiration to a generation of people.”

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