Kobe Bryant’s ‘Big Question’ Once Forced 18 y/o Vanessa Bryant To Quit High School

Samir Mehdi
|Published October 03, 2022

Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant’s relationship began when the latter was merely 17, leading to her quitting high school. 

Kobe Bryant, as described by the Los Angeles Times, was Southern California’s most eligible bachelor in 2000. The 21 year old had already established a fanbase of millions with his ascension from rookie sensation to being a starting shooting guard for a championship squad. 

Along the way, he would meet Marina High School senior, Vanessa Laine. The two would instantly form a romantic connection with one another. Before the world knew it, South California’s most ‘eligible bachelor’ was off the market after falling in love with 17 year old Vanessa and subsequently proposing to her after 6 months of knowing her. 

One problem with this however, was the fact that she was still in high school. Getting engaged is a monumental change in someone’s life. Reporters would get curious as to what her status would be on this front.

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Vanessa Bryant left high school to get married to Kobe Bryant. 

Vanessa lived with her grandparents at Huntington Beach when reporters approached her home and questioned her grandfather, Robert Laine, on the situation. 

“Yes, they are engaged. No, they probably will not be going to the prom though they have considered it. Yes, she has been taken out of school ‘because of the notoriety’. And yes, she is thrilled. When you are young, you are idealistic. She seems happy.” said her grandfather according to the LA Times.

The soon to be Vanessa Bryant was indeed taken out of Marina High towards the end of her senior year after having been proposed to by Kobe Bryant.

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Vanessa Bryant’s ring would be worth in the hundreds of thousands range. 

With a high profile couple like Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant would come some high profile purchases. Their engagement to one another started off with one such purchase. Kobe would reportedly spend over $100,000 on a ring for her. 

According to Sandy Fredlund, the manager of an Orange County Zales jewelry store, the ring Kobe had bought for Vanessa was worth over $100,000. The diamond used was 7 carats, 5 more than what he had at his showroom. “I was thinking about that ring all the way into work this morning,” said Sandy. 

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