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“Kyrie and Luka Will Play Desperate”: Skip Bayless Reasons Why Mavericks Aim to Sweep Timberwolves Tonight

Shubham Singh

“Kyrie and Luka Will Play Desperate”: Skip Bayless Reasons Why Mavericks Aim to Sweep Timberwolves Tonight

The Dallas Mavericks duo of Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic have been in killer mode throughout the playoffs and have taken an unassailable 3-0 lead in the WCF series. Uncle Drew has unlocked the playoff Kai dropping back-to-back clutch plays when needed. With Game 4 set on their home floor, Skip Bayless believes that the Mavs would be raring to effect a sweep on the down-and-out Timberwolves for one reason.

However, their road to a sweep is complicated as the Mavs are missing their vital piece Derek Lively II who has kept Karl Anthony-Towns quiet throughout the series.

On UNDISPUTED, while alluding to Lively’s absence, Bayless predicted KAT to have his best game of the series. Despite that, he expects the Mavericks to notch a huge win. The veteran analyst relayed that the duo of Kai and Doncic will be “desperate” to finish the series on their home floor to get an extended rest for their injured players Derek Lively II and Maxi Kleber,

I think Luka will play desperate, Kyrie will play desperate as in we have to get this done because we don’t want to pack up and go back to Minnesota because it is dangerous to play and we don’t want to get in some lengthy slug-fest.

Bayless is on point about the Mavs’ need to finish the series in Game 4 itself because the Celtics have already wrapped up the ECF series and will enjoy a long rest. Meanwhile, the Mavs also have a golden chance of securing a long lay-off.

The Mavericks would love to be rested for the Finals

During the Game 3 win, Dereck Lively hit the floor while going for a rebound, and then Towns’ knee hit him in the hand as the latter was chasing the ball. This caused a sprain in his neck and rendered him unavailable for Game 4.

On the other hand, the squad is ready to receive the services of defensive forward Maxi Kleber who was out because of a shoulder injury. He will return to the floor after missing the whole series against the Thunder and the first three games against the Wolves.

Even though Lively is a bigger asset, Kleber’s inclusion will at least give depth to the Mavericks’ frontline. However, if it goes to Game 5 or Game 6, the Mavs will be fatigued and might face a similar fate as Anthony Edwards and Co. Moreover, the Celts have already earned a big rest period and will be fresh in the finals.

Apart from that, they will likely have their stretch-five Kristaps Porzingis back from injury. He can be a match-up nightmare, especially if Lively’s injury worsens in an elongated series scenario. 

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