“Kyrie Irving, it must suck to drive past a 7fter just to have 2 more waiting for you at the rim???”: Former LeBron James’ teammate Channing Frye is amazed by the Cavaliers running a three-big-man lineup in win over the Brooklyn Nets

Akash Murty
|Published January 18, 2022

Cleveland Cavaliers defeat Kyrie Irving and James Harden led Brooklyn Nets and Channing Frye is thoroughly impressed by his former team’s performance.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been truly sensational this season. They were a bottom-dwelling team last season, finishing at 13th position in the East while earning a 3rd pick for the 2021 Draft. That played a part in what followed.

Rarely any team performs this better just after drafting a great player or two from a draft. As players, whoever good they are, take some time to settle in NBA after coming off from college or high school basketball. But not Evan Mobley.

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Since drafting the 20-year-old, the Cavaliers have already won 27 games, while they won just 22 throughout last season. After losing their starting point guard Collin Sexton early in the season, they lost Ricky Rubio a few weeks ago when he tore his ACL and went out for the rest of the season.

Short of guards, the Cavaliers now play with three 7 footers in their starting lineup, which many thought will bring the end to their amazing run. But man, what challenges do these young players from the Land wouldn’t take head-on?

Channing Frye is impressed by the Cleveland Cavaliers

On the back of consistent performances by their bigs Evan Mobley and Jarrett Allen, and their point guard Darius Garland, who’s putting up All-Star level numbers, the Cavs are 4th on the Eastern Conference table. On Monday, they had one of their best displays of the season when they welcomed the Brooklyn Nets without Kevin Durant, winning the game 114-107.

Although the Nets did have Kyrie Irving for the away game, it didn’t matter much as the Cavaliers guards had answers to whatever the Irving-Harden duo threw at them. While all the guards apart from Dylan Windler in the Cleveland uniform had at least 2 steals, their big men also weren’t behind in suffocating their opponents.

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Channing Frye, NBA Champion with the Cavs was in awe of his former team after their win against one of the top teams in the East. An efficient 3-point shooter in his time, the 7-footer likes the Cavaliers’ tall starting line-up with Lauri Markkanen playing behind Mobley and Allen.

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Having one of the funniest personalities in the NBA, Frye couldn’t keep himself from making fun of his former teammate Kevin teammate who finished the game with 14 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists.

Every former player from the Land would be proud of the performances this team of youngsters is putting up without any current big-name player in their whole squad.

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