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‘Lakers need to pursue them’: 5 Free agents LeBron James and co. should target this off-season, including Fred VanVleet

Raahib Singh

5 Free agents LeBron James and co. should target this off-season, including Fred VanVleet

A list of free-agents that can benefit and help the Lakers defend their title include some high profile names like Goran Dragic and Fred VanVleet

The Lakers had their final round of celebrations in Las Vegas earlier this week, and now it’s all back to business again. The champions would very much like to defend their title and win back-to-back championships. It is easier said than done though.

This season, a lot of players make their way back onto the court, who were sidelined due to injury. We have Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson returning for the Warriors, we have Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving returning for the Nets. These teams pose a serious threat to the Lakers’ chances of a back-to-back.

While there have been no set dates for the free agency, it is believed it would happen around a week after the Draft. The Draft is set to take place on November 18, 2020.

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Here is a list of 5 potential Free-Agents that the Lakers should pursue this free-agency:

5. Goran Dragic

Would the Lakers get yet another guy who has amazing IQ and can create shots on the floor? Why not?! The Slovenian guard is a versatile player, who can create shots, as well as take them for himself. Leading the Heat in scoring in the playoffs, he was a major reason why they got to the Finals.

The Heat may not re-sign him, to make sure they have the money available when Giannis Aneteokounmpo hits the free agency market next year. While the Heat may part ways with him, Dragic is the kind of player that every team would look to have.

The Lakers could use Dragic as their perfect sixth-man, someone who can come off the bench and generate offense.

4. Joe Harris

The 29-year-old boasts an impressive 42.4% shooting percentage from the deep. This one line in itself makes Joe Harris a guy the Lakers should take a serious look at. Perimeter shooting was a weak spot for the Lakers all season, and they really need to take a serious look at the same.

Joe Harris has been averaging 12.0 points while shooting almost 43% from the field during the last 4 seasons with the Nets. Harris was the 2019 3 point champion as well. The Lakers would like to sign him and keep him around for long.

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3. Danilo Gallinari

The 32-year-old Italian forward hits the free agency market this offseason. He has become a top scorer in the league and has been shooting over 40% from the 3 point line. He was a key factor in the OKC team’s unexpected success, but he doesn’t fit their rebuilding plans.

While that may be OKC’s loss, the Lakers can gain a lot from it. Gallinari is a seasoned veteran and is not looking to make bank anymore. He says he’s not 20 anymore and is looking to win a ring, and what better team to join than the defending champions. This would suit the Lakers well too, as they would look to save on their salary cap.

2. Fred VanVleet

Playing a vital role in the Raptors surprising playoff run last season, Fred VanVleet is surely a catch for any team. At just 26 years of age, VanVleet was second in scoring in Toronto and is an amazing point guard. He can create shots, takes shots off the dribble, or can just catch and shoot.

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VanVleet was an important part of the Championship-winning Toronto team and got even more important last year. Fred is still young and is improving every season, and he surely hasn’t hit his peak yet. His addition to the Lakers would give them another offensive threat that can single-handedly take the game away from his opponents.

While FVV may seem like the best choice possible, the salary constraints would mean that the Lakers might have to pass on him, unless they let Kyle Kuzma walk.

1. Anthony Davis

I don’t think there is a need to make a case for why the Lakers should re-sign Anthony Davis. Davis, along with LeBron just led the Lakers to their first title in a decade. AD has a player option to opt-out of his current contract and become a free agent. This way AD could sign a better deal with the Lakers and make more money along the way.

There is a very low likeliness that AD would go anywhere else, but since he hasn’t signed his extension, one would assume he’s a free agent.

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