“Bradley Beal declining his $36.4 million player option, is news to him?”: Wizards star is bewildered as his own decision is fictitiously reported

Jeet Pukhrambam
|Published June 22, 2022

Bradley Beal one of the league’s most talented guards is set to decline his $36.4 million player option? Or is he? It’s news to him too!    

Talk about a failure to launch! Recently a news report came out that Bradley Beal one of the league’s most coveted players was all set to decline his player option worth over $36.4 million.

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Would he really decline such a massive amount of money? Is that really happening? Well, one thing is certain, it is news to Beal himself.

Beal tweeted this out when the news broke. Looks like he is in disbelief about his own decision.

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The wheels have been set in motion, Bradley Beal will determine the fate of the league

So, the rumor mills are already hard at work. More importantly, Beal had this to say about his future.

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While we don’t know the actual decision, Shams Charania has already reported this.

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A Tatum and Beal one-two punch would be lethal. Adding him to the current Celtics roster is like bolstering a tank. Indestructible.

Kendrick Perkins, however, has other wishes.

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Wow, imagine that, a Luka Doncic and Bradley Beal backcourt. The number of points they would score. Insane.

The possibilities are endless and Beal is one of those players that deserves a better team. Whatever happens, it will be fun to watch it unfold.

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