“LeBron James and Anthony Davis played big roles in getting me here”: Rajon Rondo talks about how the Lakers’ superstars got him back from the Clippers

Raahib Singh
|Published September 01, 2021

Newly acquired Lakers’ guard Rajon Rondo talks about how LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Frank Vogel impacted his decision to return to LA

Earlier today, the Los Angeles Lakers made it official. Rajon Rondo would be suiting up for the Purple and Gold again in the upcoming season. After winning the 2019-20 championship together, the Lakers parted ways with Rondo when they acquired Dennis Schroder. However, that experiment didn’t work out as planned.

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As for Rondo, he played for the Hawks till the trade deadline, where he was traded to the Clippers. Even though the Clippers made their first-ever Conference Finals last season, they weren’t compatible with Rondo. They traded him to the Grizzlies, in exchange for Eric Bledsoe. After getting the Grizzlies to agree to a buyout, Rondo is now back on his way to LA. In the press conference back, Rondo explained the roles LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Head Coach Frank Vogel played in getting him back.

Rajon Rondo explains what made him return to the Lakers

Rajon Rondo has played two seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers. During that time, he won a championship with the team. The team also spent a bubble together, making their bond stronger. While talking to the press yesterday, Rondo explained the roles various people played in getting him back on the Lakers.

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Rondo was a key part of the 2019-20 championship team. During that run, he developed a strong bond with HC Frank Vogel. He also has good relationships with the Lakers’ stars LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Despite the checkered past he has with Russell Westbrook, Rondo believes that the Lakers can work together and win the 2021-22 championship.

It would be interesting to see how Rondo’s second stint with the Lakers goes. With 49 days left for the NBA season, we don’t have to wait long to find out.

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