Cover Image for LeBron James’ branding found on 300kgs of cocaine worth $8.4 Million

LeBron James’ branding found on 300kgs of cocaine worth $8.4 Million

Raahib Singh
|Mon Aug 08 2022

Greek police seized 300 kilograms of ‘LeBron cocaine’ worth approximately $8.4 million with LeBron James’ branding on it

Getting into the NBA is no easy task. However, staying in the NBA is an even more difficult task. It requires a lot of sacrifices and comes with a lot of pressure. Some players cannot cope with the pressure naturally and turn to various contrabands.

Recently, this has caused quite a few players to land in trouble. We have players like Montrezl Harrell and former NBA champion Iman Shumpert facing felony charges for possession of drugs. Lakers superstar LeBron James could have been one of the names to find themselves on this list.

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Of late, a new kind of cocaine has flooded the European markets. The thing that caught the police’s eye? The cocaine was branded with a fake logo representing LeBron James. The cocaine packaging contains the logo while the powder blocks themselves are stamped with the initials NBA.

Cocaine worth $8.4 million, with LeBron James branding, seized in Greece

On June 9th, around 300 kilograms of ‘LeBron coke’ was seized from four British men. The men were arrested in the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki when armed police stormed a luxury villa. The drugs were seized alongside a handgun, ammunition, mobile phones, and geo-location equipment.

The drugs had been hidden in a shipment of bananas from South America, which had arrived in Greece via Calabria, Italy. According to reports, all the bricks of cocaine in that shipment were branded with the Lakers star’s number.

The smugglers were caught when one of them let it be known to undercover police that they had a direct line to ‘LeBron coke’ suppliers.

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The case against the smugglers remains pending, but there is one thing we know for sure. LeBron James is innocent in the situation and his good name is being tarnished by people to make some quick bucks.

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