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‘LeBron James doesn’t need to play in the Drew League’: Draymond Green calls out ‘fool’ Skip Bayless for savage shots at 6’9″ Lakers superstar

Tonoy Sengupta

‘LeBron James doesn’t need to play in the Drew League’: Draymond Green calls out ‘fool’ Skip Bayless for savage shots at 6'9" Lakers superstar

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green goes hard at anyone that criticized LeBron James for his performance in the Drew League

Surely, it comes as news to nobody by now, that LeBron James recently appeared alongside DeMar DeRozan in the very well known, Drew League.

When he did so, the player seemingly broke the NBA community for 2 straight days, as the only thing that was available on the feed of just about everyone, was him.

Countless fans just couldn’t stop speaking about how the man was only going half-speed, how his shots were insane, and of course, some GOAT conversations as well.

But, one Skip Bayless… well he had some different ideas in mind.

Since then, countless fans have come out and said a word or two of their own about Skip. And it appears that Draymond Green is no different.

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

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Draymond Green slams Skip Bayless for focusing on LeBron James’s shooting, while ignoring his cultural impact

Given that we’re deep into the NBA offseason, absolutely nothing is going on.

NBA stars are expected to simply be relaxing at home, or at most, be working on their game in private gyms. But, as you’ve seen, LeBron had different ideas.

This gave countless people a chance to interact with the superstar in a way that they never would have been able to. And that definitely counts for something.

Building on that point, and adding so much more, here is what Draymond Green had to say on the whole situation.

Frankly, as entertaining as Skip Bayless and his terrible takes are to watch, we can’t help but side with the Warriors star on this one. This game wasn’t one where counting stats are even close to important.

Dray’s ‘New Media’ takes the cake on this one.

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