Cover Image for LeBron James is focused on his $250 Nike sweatsuit more than his vows with Savannah James

LeBron James is focused on his $250 Nike sweatsuit more than his vows with Savannah James

Jeet Pukhrambam
|Sun Aug 07 2022

LeBron James might get some slack from his wife Savannah James after he posted a video of him being distracted while discussing vows.

When couples bicker and it is on display, it is like watching a sitcom. That is the case for everyone, no matter who you are. The president of the country or just young teenage sweethearts in rural America, when your girlfriend is mad, you will face the wrath.

Ask LeBron, who was out here showing off a rather cool and fresh tracksuit until his wife interrupted him. The tracksuit is part of Nike and LeBron’s 20th year of collaboration.

The brand has been making his signature shoe since his debut in the NBA and the 20th edition is somewhat of a fan favorite already.

The tracksuit featured embroidery and comes in an olive green colorway. We suspect it’ll retail for close to $250 if it ever goes on sale. But the real talking point was not the suave sweatsuit, it is rather the fact that Savannah was saying something.

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LeBron James’ Phone gets swatted away by a fuming Savannah James as he ignores her to focus on his sweet tracksuit

Yes, LeBron is just like any other guy, will ignore whatever the wife/ girlfriend is saying and focus on their own shit. That is when you get clapped!

Here, Savannah was asking him about what they needed to do with their vows and the King was enjoying his jest. Being fixated on a tracksuit and replying “whatever you wanna do babe!” was reason enough for her to give him the side eye.

Next thing you know, she saw that he was recording the whole ordeal. And she swatted the phone out of his hand like his 2016 NBA finals block. Well, now we know LeBron won’t be posting silly things for a little while.

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